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JV Girls Tennis vs. Burbank High School

Isaac L

After a fascinating display of determination, skill, and unwavering teamwork, the Arcadia High School (AHS) JV Girls Tennis team emerged victorious with a score of 10-2 on September 7th in a match against Burbank High School (BHS). The tennis courts were filled with excitement as the athletes demonstrated their abilities in a showdown of agility, grit, and strength. 

From start to finish, it was evident both teams were determined to win. The AHS JV Girls Tennis team, along with their dedicated coach Richard Chen, have been diligently preparing for this match. During daily conditioning and practice sessions, the team was consistently at their best and actively participated in the activities. 

The team showed remarkable skills through their consistent shots, as well as tactical court coverage. Their serves were well executed, and their returns were consistent with speed and strength. 

“The most important part to returning the ball well is to always move your feet, which is how I was consistently able to win points,” said singles 2 player junior Leia Mar. 

However, BHS cannot be underestimated. Their players possessed exceptional resilience and diligence, making every point a challenge to earn. 

“While they were a challenge, we kept on pushing forward to make sure that we were able to secure the game,” stated Victoria Liao, junior JV Girls Tennis team captain.

As the match continued, the atmosphere was intense with AHS maintaining a consistent lead. The Apaches communicated very effectively on the court, ensuring certainty of who was to return the ball. Their teamwork was astonishing, leaving no openings for the opponent. 

“When playing doubles, it is essential to have good communication with your partner and call out when you or your partner should get the ball,” said doubles player junior Emma Wang. 

The determination displayed by both teams was proof of their strong will to win. Despite what was happening, both teams persisted and brought out their individual bests to achieve the shared goal of winning.

After persevering through many intense matches, the AHS JV Girls Tennis team was able to secure victory over BHS with a triumphant final score of 10-2. The mighty JV Girls Tennis team will continue to learn from their successes and work toward even greater achievements in the future. Their resolved determination and teamwork will be of great aid throughout the rest of the season. Make sure to encourage and cheer them on. Best of luck to the JV Girls Tennis team!

Photo by Isaac Leung

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