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How To Start A Garden

Colette Chen

With it being the spring season, the weather is warm but not too hot, and cool but not freezing. So why not head outside and enjoy the nice weather by going outside and cultivating your diverse garden! There are so many choices from a sweet smelling flower garden, a hearty vegetable patch, or just even a small bundle of succulents. 

“Gardening is a great way to relieve stress and helps improve my mood,” said freshmen Sheyenne Huang.  

  • Decide on your budget and plan.

Depending on your budget, your garden could look very different from your neighbor’s garden. A tomato plant is going to cost more than a rose, so deciding how much money you’re willing to spend is important. This is also where the planning stage comes in. If your budget only allows for a couple of herbs, then it’s also important to find a place where those herbs will grow and thrive. If your garden is just a bunch of succulents placed in a tray, then find a place where those succulents aren’t going to die. A garden has a bunch of key components like soil, seeds, water, and sun. So, it’s important to do your own research. Look up the information on the internet and see what multiple sources say. The most important thing to plan is where your garden will be, what’s going to be in the garden, and how much time you will have to take care of the garden. Research websites like WikiHow have great step by step instructions along with pictures to help.

  •  Go buy the tools and materials.   

Now that you have your plan, budget, and information on what your garden is going to contain, it’s time to actually buy the supplies. As stated before, depending on the garden what’s growing in it the materials you use will differ. A good place to start is Amazon, as you can shop online for all the materials without getting out of the house. There’s also Home Depot, whether you go there in person or shop online. Bring a list of all the supplies you’ll need, and keep in mind the amount of space you’ve mapped out for your garden.

” Working on the garden from time to time is a stress reliever and you can really work with other people in our class.  Starting an apes garden inspired me to start a garden of my own or have little plants for myself in college, ” said junior Katherine Sagastume Serapio. 

  • Set up your new garden!  

Now that you have your supplies, garden location, and plan it’s time to set it all up! Make sure you know how the soil needs to be for your plants, as some plants have different or very specific soil conditions. Ex: blueberry plants need a little bit of acidity in the soil to help it grow. Once you’ve successfully rooted your plants, you’ve completed your own small garden at home. It’s just a process of watering and caring for your plants now. Gardens are fun to create because of the wide variety of plants you can grow. Such as a succulent garden, that’s easy to maintain and looks nice throughout the year thanks to California weather. Or an herb pot, where you can use all of those herbs as tasty toppings for your food. A garden doesn’t even have to have plants growing, for those who want complete control over how a garden looks, a rock garden would be great. Or there’s the old traditional flower garden, filled to the brim with roses, tulips, and whatever flowers a person likes.  

“I like watching my plants grow, and sitting in the sun enjoying the warmth.” said freshmen Conor Kaw.

Creating your own garden is great because it provides opportunities for learning how plants grow and how to care for them. Gardening isn’t just limited to a tomato plant or bell pepper either, there are so many fruits, vegetables, and plants for you to cultivate. Gardens are amazing, beautiful, and it’s extremely satisfying to see your hard work come into fruition.

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