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Class of 2024 Makes Post-grad Plans


With graduation quickly approaching, it’s no surprise that the seniors of Arcadia High School (AHS) are thinking about the future. After starting their high school careers online during the height of COVID-19, the Class of 2024 will receive their diplomas on Thursday, June 6, at the historic Santa Anita Park per Arcadia tradition. But after leaving the Arcadia Unified School District (AUSD), another question remains—what’s next for these soon-to-be alumni?

College, of course, is a common answer.

“I will be attending [Pasadena City College (PCC)] this summer to complete all my general classes,” said senior Minnoli Shukla. “I am majoring in Computer Science—I’m a STEM girlie, an academic weapon!”

In the future, Shukla hopes to enter the business sector as a Java programmer or AI developer.

Senior Francium Wang is interested in a legal career, and will attend UC Berkeley in the fall.

“Being the youngest of four brothers, it’s been a long journey in the AUSD starting from kindergarten to senior year, and it feels surreal to be graduating from AHS,” said Wang. “My future goals as of right now are to graduate from Berkeley and hopefully get into law school afterwards. I think that the rigor of AHS has definitely helped to better prepare me for these endeavors ahead.”

“I hope to become an engineer (‘hope’ because the engineering field is notorious for its difficulty)…moving towards that, I’m majoring in mechanical engineering at Rice University,” shared senior Marilyn Gan. “The extracurriculars I did in high school definitely affected this choice; after I attended the annual Beyond U night back in 8th grade, I decided to join Engineering Design & Development (EDD). After taking the prerequisite course in my freshman year, I’ve been on the team ever since. It was through EDD that I really found what I wanted to do.”

The arts are also in the Class of 2024’s future. Senior Leah Taylor, for instance, will major in Choral Music at the University of Southern California (USC) Thornton School of Music.

“USC has been my top school since the start of senior year, because that’s when I first started really thinking about majoring in Music,” said Taylor. “I want to come back and be a part of the Los Angeles Opera Chorus [Taylor was in the Los Angeles Children’s Choir during high school]. Being in a good music program at USC is really going to help with that.” She also hopes to teach music one day, and perhaps even conduct her own choir.

Senior Lucy Pang will matriculate to Barnard College and is interested in political science.

“Right now, I intend to study political science and English literature under the track for pre-law,” said Pang. “I’m specifically interested in taking more seminar-based courses on human rights and anthropology to apply them to relevant social issues.”

On Barnard’s all-female student body and unique location, Pang commented: “I’m excited to see the different perspectives and experiences I’ll encounter in New York City! I’m also excited to study at a more liberal arts, women-based institution. It’ll be a contrast [to] AHS, but a good way for me to explore what I want to learn.”

Before college begins, though, seniors have a long stretch of summer to fill. This year, Pang will travel around with her friends and visit her relatives.

Meanwhile, senior Sydney Hsu plans to volunteer locally at a church.

“I’m going to get a job to save money for college,” Hsu said. “I want to be a barista, work at a boba shop, and gain some experience making drinks!”

“I’m doing an internship with NASA, so I’m flying out to Texas right after school ends,” said Gan. “After the internship (it doesn’t have a formal end date, you leave whenever you need to), I’m going on a short trip with my family, and then moving into Rice.”

Senior Ian Chen, who will be studying at Harvard University this fall, also cites vacation as part of his summer plan.

“After graduation, my family and I are planning on taking a trip to Japan,” said Chen. “I’m excited to spend some time with my family there. I’m also going to take this summer easy and get ready for college by sleeping.”

Others, like senior Amrin Nuha Kamaal, will be hitting the books to prepare for their freshman year.

“My plans for summer right now are just reviewing the basics for physics and calculus before college starts, especially since I’m majoring in engineering,” said Kamaal. “I’m also planning on going out with my friends before college starts, since I won’t be able to see them as often after we all graduate.” On the subject of getting ready for college, Kamaal added: “I feel a little excited to be moving on to college for a new environment and new things to learn…I think that college is a new chapter that is going to change us all.”

So what will the seniors of AHS miss most about Arcadia?

“[Leaving AHS is] very bittersweet,” said Gan. “While I’m excited to start college, it’s kinda sad leaving the place I’ve been studying at for four years. It also sucks that I’m going to different places with the friends I’ve spent years with and leaving my underclassmen friends behind.”

“Something I’ll miss the most about high school will definitely be the large community of friends I’m surrounded by, but I’m definitely looking forward to making a new one in the Bay,” said Wang. Like Kamaal, Wang simply wants to have fun with his friends before they part ways.

Leaving something familiar behind is always a bittersweet experience. After four years of hard work, these seniors have certainly earned a few months to spend as they please. And whether they’re studying this summer or going overseas, planning careers in music, law, or medicine, with such a diverse set of plans and ambitions, the Class of 2024 is certainly off to do great things!


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