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Mx. Cordero Honored with a Folger Shakespeare Library Fellowship

Mx. Charmaine Cordero with the First Folio at the UCLA Clark Library.

Mx. Charmaine Cordero, who teaches English 12, was recently honored with a Folger Shakespeare Fellowship. The Folger Shakespeare Library, located in Washington D.C., holds early editions of Shakespeare’s writing collected by the Folger family. 

“My research is in Shakespeare, specifically into what is known as Borderlands adaptation,” Mx. Cordero said when asked about what part of Shakespeare interests them.

The Borderlands is a term used in works of literature to describe the states that were formerly part of Mexico. Mx. Cordero has studied and researched how the plays of Shakespeare are adapted in the Borderlands. 

“What I’m interested in the Folger [Library] is the original manuscript editions,” said Mx. Cordero when asked what part of Shakespeare’s works they wanted to view. 

Mx. Cordero also wants to see the quartos, which were how Shakespeare’s plays were originally printed. They have asked the Folger Library for permission to look at least 20 pieces of the original works. As they look into how all of these famous plays have been adapted into new works, Mx. Cordero will also be looking at the Folger Library adaptation studies.  

“So my interest is Shakespeare and adaptation; I’m interested in the way that Shakespeare’s plays have been adapted from when they first came out,” said Mx. Cordero.

“I’ve been interested in Shakespeare since I was in college; actually, I hated it in high school. I’m interested in Pre-Modern Critical Race Studies,” said Mx. Cordero.

Mx. Cordero’s fascination with Shakespeare started in college, with their master’s being dedicated to Shakespeare. However, the Borderlands plays didn’t catch their eye until around two years ago. After that they became interested in Pre-Modern Critical Race Studies in which they use Critical Race Theory. They found out how the way people adapt things is important, as classic works like Shakespeare turn into something that works in the 21st century. 

“Literary adaptation is like fanfic, if you will; all adaptations, especially if they are adaptations that are really moving away from the original, are fanfic in their own ways,” said Mx. Cordero.

Mx. Cordero stated that since they have a short term fellowship, the library even gives them money in order to do their studies without worrying about costs, with a value of $4,000 a month. Congrats to Mx. Cordero for being honored with the fellowship.

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