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SMW Reveal Ceremony Welcomes New Senior Class


As the school year draws to a close, anticipation and excitement build as current seniors prepare to pass on their legacies and knowledge to the incoming seniors. One way this is done is through Arcadia High School’s (AHS) Seniors Merit at Work (SMW) Reveal Ceremony. 

On the afternoon of Apr. 23, the school community filled the Rally Court with excitement as SMW warmly welcomed the newest class of seniors into its esteemed ranks. The event, held to honor the new 50 members of SMW, was a testament to the hard work, dedication, and exemplary character traits possessed by applicants.

“I think SMW is a fantastic organization of passionate and hard-working individuals that makes a real difference in the community,” commented junior Annika Chan, a newly admitted SMW member. “I’m deeply inspired by all the members’ dedication to the community and hope to learn from them and follow in their footsteps.”

The ceremony’s objective is to mark the transition of leadership from the current seniors to the incoming class. Its significance lies in its role of passing the torch of responsibility to the next generation of SMW leaders. Each member of the incoming senior class successfully navigated a rigorous application and interview process, embodying the core values of compassion, supportiveness, and community engagement that define SMW.

The highlight of the event was the moment when current SMW seniors, the “bigs”, announced their “littles” –the new members they would mentor throughout the upcoming year. This tradition symbolized the passing down of wisdom and guidance from one generation of SMW leaders to the next. 

Chan reflected how it was very “nerve-wracking waiting for the bigs to call their littles one by one. But then I heard my ID [number] get called, and I was so excited to be chosen as a little. It’s truly an honor to represent Arcadia High School and have the opportunity to make a difference in the community.”

For many students, the anticipation leading up to the ceremony was tangible. Vania Ahmadi, a participant in the ceremony, shared her experience of both excitement and nervousness as she awaited the announcement of the new members. 

“Waiting to see if my name and ID number were going to get called was definitely stressful,” Ahmadi admitted. “My big was Sophia Li, who’s not only one of my best friends but someone who I’ve always looked up to throughout my high school years. So, when she announced my name towards the end of the ceremony, I felt a rush of emotions and was so proud and grateful.”

Looking ahead, the new SMW class prepares to embark on a journey of service, leadership, and personal growth. With their induction into SMW, they will begin attending meetings, organizing events, and making a positive impact on their school and community.

With her acceptance into SMW, Ahmadi plans to “represent not only SMW and Arcadia, but also the Arcadia Unified School District with honor and integrity.”

As the ceremony concluded, the new SMW members took their place among the ranks of leadership; the AHS community looks forward to their positive contributions in the year ahead.


Photo courtesy of AHS SMW

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