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Storytelling with Stickers

Ellie Kwan

If you know me, then you know that my agenda is covered in puffy Elsa stickers, and my water bottle has been adorned with adorable mythical creatures. For some, adding stickers to their everyday items can seem childish and immature. Is there a reason behind decorating things with these seemingly meaningless add-ons?

  1. A Souvenir or Memory

Wherever I go, whether it be Japan, New York, or San Diego, collecting souvenirs is a must-do. For me, souvenirs serve as a memory cache. Sometimes, buying a hoodie from Mammoth is out of my price range, so a sticker on my phone case might help me remember all the embarrassing times I fell while skiing or the snowman I made while hiking around the Twin Lakes. Similarly, memories from your childhood, important milestones, or any particular event can be relived or represented through stickers of your choice.

“I like Sanrio characters; I have a lot of those stickers, so I usually decorate my computer or my water bottle with them, just to show personality, and it’s so fun collecting them,” said sophomore Kaitlyn Man. “My mom grew up with these characters and exposed us to them. As I grew up, they stuck with me.”

  1. A Family Keepsake or Symbol of Friendship

You might find matching ugly Christmas sweaters or heart-shaped friendship bracelets to be too cliche. It’s not that you don’t care for these relationships; it’s just that some forms of  “care” can stick out too much. Oftentimes, we are looking for a more subtle way to connect with family and represent our friendships. For example, each member of my family has a different colored Hawaiian sticker. They look like hibiscus flowers molded into a specific animal or shape. These decal stickers provide a symbol for the closeness between us, forming a strong connection, even if it doesn’t scream the words, “We’re family!”

  1. Because, Why Not?

I’ve always been the friend that gives out vinyl stickers along with a birthday present. If you’re on the receiving end of this, then you’ll end up with a pile of random, bubbly stickers. Since they don’t have any other use, you add them to your notebook because … why not? Maybe the stickers suit your current taste or speak out to you. Following a theme or having a reason is not a necessity when applying these to your belongings. 

Freshman Weilin Lin had stickers with “mainly quotes that I like, that are inspirational [or] from cartoons that I liked as a kid or things that I still like now, like Sanrio.”. Lin also mentioned that she prefers to put stickers on surfaces where they can easily be removed because “I know that I won’t like them forever, but currently, they’re appealing. I feel like I have a short span of attachment to certain items.”

Whether your stickers display food that looks too good to be true or a kawaii character from your childhood, they are always a nice way to bring color and life to plain items. Be creative and have fun with your stickers!

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