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Where Do You See Yourself in the Future?


The question is asked of everyone, lingering with us throughout our childhood. Not everyone has a plan set for the future, and the world is always changing. So what plans do students of Arcadia High School have?

Today I asked students at Arcadia High School the never-ending question, “Where do you see yourself in the future?”

Many students already have their future planned out and have something they look forward to pursuing throughout their college career. 

“I see myself attending a four-year college pursuing mathematical engineering in an effort to become a computer scientist in the field.”

— Swarit Srivastava, a junior at AHS says

Derek Chen, a sophomore at AHS, says: “I want to work on Wall Street, New York, and do business on stocks.”

Angel Garcia, a freshman at AHS, wants to try and stay near the family and friends she’s made in “I want to go to a UC and stay closer to home because I want to be around my family and I think that staying near home is more beneficial the environment and since inflation has been crazy.”

Kylee Alexander, a junior at AHS, shared her own hopes for the future. She hopes to stay near her close family and friends while bringing her relationship with her dog to college. “I see myself in college, having my own apartment,” she said. “ I want to have a good work-life balance while making new connections with peers, and I want to bring my dog to college with me because it’s my emotional support, and I can’t stand leaving it alone.”

“I see myself probably going into medical school and also maybe starting my own business as a side job. I see myself also staying close to my friends that I have right now and my family and still finding enjoyment in music like in piano.”

— Freshman Kyleen Lin says

Lastly, Emily Truong, a junior from AHS responded to the question by saying, “Hopefully I’ll be studying anesthesiology at some university or college. I don’t know if I’ll be playing volleyball in college, but I’ll still play the sport throughout my last years of high school.” 

When asking the question of these students, they all said “Where in the future?” After assuring them that the question referred to anywhere in the future, students mostly had a response revolving around college and their careers yet some thought about the environment and family/friends. Although many responses were short, their responses were brief enough for them to know what they wanted for themselves. 

Not everyone may know what they want to pursue in the future, but it doesn’t mean that you’re not on track. The future isn’t determinable, and things can always change; there will always be time for you to make a decision. Whether you’re a senior or a freshman, the future upon all of us is never determined, so enjoy your years of high school before it ends!


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