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Freshmen Bond at Link Crew’s Barbie Movie Night Event

In a wonderfully-executed event hosted by Arcadia High School’s (AHS) Link Crew, freshmen had the opportunity to band together and watch the hit movie Barbie. The Freshman Movie Night was held on Friday, Oct. 27, creating an evening full of memories for all the freshmen that attended. 

Link Crew is an organization in which students of AHS, specifically juniors and seniors, help ease the transition for freshmen into as they move from middle school. This is done in a variety of ways, including lunch meetings with freshmen and after school events. The Freshman Movie Night, as a large-scale event, took a group-wide effort to plan. 

“Link Crew plans events at least a month ahead. We also bought our candy. Two days ago we went down to the softball field and looked at the layout and made sure everyone knew what they were doing. Overall it was a really fun event. People were using the photo booth; the photos turned out super cute. Barbie was a great movie choice,” said Link Crew President Alysia Shang. 

“We have been preparing Freshman Movie Night for nearly a month, dedicating periods to making sure freshmen would enjoy the movie selection and event!” said senior Link Crew Leader Kyle Takehiro. 

All of the preparation paid off as freshmen applauded the event. 

“I think it’s a really good way for freshmen to connect and get to know each other better,” said freshman Kurt Wijaya, who attended the event with his friends.

Many in attendance dressed up in pink to celebrate the Barbie spirit and laughed with friends under a starlit sky, making sure to use the photo area and popcorn Link Crew had provided. 

“I really enjoy the texture of the food; the popcorn is very buttery, and also the movie is really great because it talks about women’s rights,” stated freshman Alondra Vega.

“The Freshman Movie Night was an entertaining experience for me, since a lot of my close friends attended the event. We were able to enjoy the movie together, eat snacks, and huddle with blankets, which was an amazing opportunity to bond,” said freshman Howie Li. 

People also had favorite parts of the movie. 

“My favorite part of the movie is when Barbie gets locked up in the big, black car, because she was stealing, and it’s not okay to steal in the real world,” expressed freshman Peyton Ramirez.

In addition to this event, Link Crew has planned a variety of other activities in past years, ranging from Freshman Orientation, Freshman Homecoming Tailgate, and a Freshman Winter Workshop, to an Easter Egg Hunt, Freshman Family Feud, and Carnival Corner. Freshmen have expressed their enthusiasm for Link Crew events, and cannot wait to see what else Link Crew has up its sleeve!


Photo courtesy of AHS Link Crew

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