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Headphones and Their Increasing Popularity


People all over the world love listening to what they want. This could be podcasts, an online meeting, or music. People also want to listen with privacy, and have no one disturb them. This is solvable by headphones, the device that everyone uses to jam, and muffle the sound of others is increasing in popularity year by year. 

Many companies are eager to cash in even more money each year. Famous brands such as Google, Sony, and Apple release new, better, and updated items each year. Sony is famous for their WH headphones series, while Apple frequently releases more types of Airpods. 

Students, including me, walk around campus with headphones. From my experience, it helps me go about my day. Being able to listen to music has such a calming feeling. There are multiple other reasons why headphones are usually used, and the reason differs among different students. 

There are two general types of headphones. The first are the regular, chunky headphones. These headphones allow students to fully experience what they are listening to. This allows some background noise to flow into the headphones, but not as much as without the headphones.

“I prefer headphones over earbuds,” said freshmen Eric Tang, “because headphones have better sound quality.”

The second type of headphones are the earbuds. Earbuds are similar to headphones, but this time it doesn’t wrap around the entire head. While placed in the ear, a little bit of background sound can leak into the headphones. 

“I like to listen to music with earbuds,” said sophomore Justin Nguyen, “and if you put on both earbuds, it’s like a sign for people not to talk to you or bother you.”

Features such as noise-canceling and spatial sound also hook a customer in. Students can put on their headphones and not have to hear what they don’t want to hear. There are also many features that help with convenience, as there are cases to help contain bigger headphones. There is also an increase in demand for portable and wireless audio devices. Ever since the cut off of wired headphones started, wireless headphones have been the new mascot.

“My favorite feature from the Airpod series is when you tap once, it pauses the song,” said sophomore Jay Guo, “and when you tap on it twice, it skips the song.”

Many Arcadia High School (AHS) students can be seen carrying different types of headphones. These could be wireless or wired earbuds or headphones. It doesn’t have to be major brands too, it could be an unknown brand that produces good, quality headphones. 

Headphone etiquette is similar to device etiquette. As usual, etiquette is a set of rules or manners when using it. One very important rule of headphone etiquette is taking off your headphones when talking to someone, as it shows that you truly are engaged in a conversation. On the other note, it is also very important to use it very safely. It shouldn’t be used as a distraction for a student or a group of people. 

Many students have earbuds in their pockets now, as music is considered a staple in everyone’s life. AHS students are able to use them whenever—during homework, eating, sports, or simply walking around.


Photo Courtesy Of UNSPLASH.COM

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