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New Teacher Feature: Ms. Nguyen

Chloe Bi
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As the new school year kicks off to a great start, we wish both students and teachers good luck with their new classes and schedules. The Arcadia Quill is delighted to recognize one of the newest members to the Arcadia High School (AHS) staff, Ms. Charlene Nguyen.

Ms. Nguyen happens to be an AHS alumni, Class of 2011. During her time here, she took several advanced courses such as  AP Biology, AP Chemistry, and AP Physics. Many things were different during the time she went to school here. For instance, many of our newer buildings were still under construction. Ms. Nguyen also stated that “I … think teachers are now more understanding and empathetic” than when she had gone to AHS.

Prior to AHS, Ms. Nguyen taught biology for five years at Green Dot Public Schools. She is so happy to be able to come back to her alma mater and guide her students through Biology and AP Environmental Science. After graduating from high school,  Ms. Nguyen went on to USC as an undergrad to major in Biological Sciences and Loyola Marymount University for her master’s degree in Urban Education. She dual-credentialed in both Biology and Chemistry. 

“I never really had upperclassmen before…. so I think having APES students, especially juniors and seniors is super exciting,” Ms. Nguyen said. “I’m used to teaching 9th graders and 10th graders, so I think having this change…is a good challenge for me.”

She expressed that she has always liked science and knew that she wanted to teach the subject. However, Ms. Nguyen stated that, “in 2008, I think that’s when a lot of teachers got laid off because of the recession, so I was reconsidering [a teaching career].” Thankfully, her passion for science and teaching prevailed in that reconsideration.

When asked about whether she’d always known if she wanted to be a teacher, Ms. Nguyen mentioned that she had always felt that she wanted to work with kids, adding that, “I do think that it’s easy for me to build relationships with students [and] I really enjoy it.” 

“I like to [get to] know students outside of who they are in the classroom,” she stated. “I’ll ask them about their  ,sports [or] what activities they’re in and just check up on their life outside of school.”

In her free time, Ms. Nguyen enjoys going outdoors. She added that “I love hiking, traveling, and exploring different national parks.” Furthermore, she enjoys trying new types of food and cuisines.

Relentlessly worrying about projects, tests, and whatever else high school has to offer, everyone at AHS has had those stressful moments. Don’t freak out if you receive a poor grade on an assignment and take some advice from Ms. Nguyen: “Don’t strive for perfection, aim for growth.”

AHS is extremely lucky to have such a great science teacher and we are so glad to have Ms. Nguyen rejoin the AHS family. We wish you the best of luck during your first year back at AHS!

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