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Happy Retirement, Mr. Reiske!

Left Image: 1996 Right Image: 2024

Mr. Brent Reiske has been teaching for 31 years at Arcadia High School (AHS), and his teaching has led thousands of students to a lifetime of success. Recently, he has announced his much-deserved retirement.

In high school, Mr. Reiske loved math and excelled in it. “My teachers would often ask me to help my classmates that were struggling, especially with geometry. I enjoyed helping other students and started tutoring them, and that’s what inspired me to become a teacher,” he said.

Mr. Reiske served a little over seven years in the U.S. Navy. He was on the USS Texas and was stationed up in the Bay Area.

“The Navy was hard, but the benefits were good. The best benefit was meeting my wife,” said Mr. Reiske.

During his time in the Navy, Mr. Reiske also had his first child and got his college degree.

Mr. Reiske began teaching in Arcadia at Dana Middle School in 1993. Over the course of his career he has taught math, physics, and lots of computer science courses.

“I feel lucky to have students that are motivated and are goal-driven,” said Mr. Reiske.“I can see that my students are genuinely interested in what I’m teaching, and I appreciate how much the families care for their children and the devotion in setting them up for success,”

Mr. Reiske started the JV Golf Program in the early 2000s and was the first golf coach to take the Varsity squad to CIF Finals.

With the help of the administration, Mr. Reiske began the AP Computer Science program. Since 1998, the program has expanded from just 3 to 13 classes this past year.

Mr. Reiske is really proud that he’s had four students get perfect AP exam scores. This was a major accolade that the school board recognized Mr. Reiske for.

“It’s such a rare achievement, that just doesn’t really happen often,” he said.

Junior Isaiah Tsui said, “Mr. Reiske is very kind and insightful. I really like the atmosphere of his class.”

“I enjoyed being able to experiment with code while following lessons as well as having group activities,” said Junior Dongbin Yoon.
Once retired, Mr. Reiske wants to keep healthy with lots of walking and golfing. He plans to keep his mind busy with plenty of reading. Mr. Reiske is also hoping to travel more, which will start with a trip to Italy.

Congratulations to Mr. Reiske, and thank you for your hard work and dedication to your students! We wish you a restful retirement!

Photo Courtesy of AHS Yearbook

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