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ASB Announces 2024-2025 Council Members


Students gathered at the Rally Court in anticipation on Wednesday Apr. 17, awaiting the announcement of the 2024-2025 ASB Council Election. Here were the final results.

Sophomore Council

Sophomore President: Iris Loong

Sophomore Vice President: Brianna Chu

Sophomore Senator: Ayan Haq

Sophomore Treasurer: Howie Li

Sophomore Secretary: Paxton Lin

Sophomore Historian: Nicole Kim

Sophomore Public Relations: Christopher Tsai

“When I heard my name being called at lunch I felt relieved and excited as I was overwhelmed with anxiety all day about the results. My experience running for PR was amazing! Everyone I talked to was really supportive of my campaign; I’m so grateful for everyone who helped me hold my posters around campus,” shared freshman Christopher Tsai, who was chosen as Sophomore Public Relations. “Walking around school and meeting new people was something else I enjoyed. I’m looking forward to being a part of the Sophomore Council and the ASB community.” 

Junior Council

Junior President: Angelique Dizon

Junior Vice President: Serena Guo

Junior Senator: Nicolas Lo

Junior Treasurer: Eisen Chang

Junior Secretary: Jeremy Tsou

Junior Historian: Ellie Ma

Junior Public Relations: Cathleen Lu

“This was my third year running for ASB, and I saw this year‘s election as an opportunity to continue meeting students in my class. Although I was nervous during the election process, I was really happy to have the chance to run and meet new faces along the way,” said sophomore Jeremy Tsou, who was elected as Junior Secretary. “I was feeling anxious on Election Day, every year the reveal ceremony is nerve wracking, and it was relieving to hear my name get called; I’m incredibly thankful for the support of my peers. I’m excited to continue my time in ASB, and I am looking forward to working with the Junior Council.”

Senior Council

Senior President: Jolee Kuo

Senior Vice President: Samantha Tong

Senior Senator: Andrea Hsu

Senior Treasurer: Wesley Chiang

Senior Secretary: Sergio Alcazar

Senior Historian: Alaina Lee

Senior Public Relations: Amanda Lin

“Running for Senior Secretary was a great time I’ll never forget. When campaigning I was able to connect with many of my peers, and experience the great environment on campus. On the day of the reveal I was overfilled with nerves, but I just believed in all the work I had done, and it paid off,” said junior Sergio Alcazar, who was elected as Senior Secretary. 

Executive Commissioners

Clubs Commissioner: Kimberly Ng

Activities Commissioner: Megan Cao

Publicity Commissioner: Megan Wong

EDI Commissioner: Isabelle Zhao

Link Commissioner: Naveen Imran

Academics Commissioner: Emily Chien

Performing Arts Commissioner: Leslie Tao

Athletics Commissioner: Reena Hsieh

Spirit Commissioner: Kelly Fong

“After one of the most nerve wracking four weeks of my life, the result of being elected into the ASB Activities Commissioner position has been such a privilege. Upon the moment of being elected, a huge wave of excitement from what the next year may entail washed over me. Due to this, I hope to serve this school through this position to the best of my abilities and bring that same excitement on campus,” shared junior Megan Cao.

ASB Cabinet

ASB President: Amber Cheung

ASB Vice President: Keely Sun

ASB Treasurer: Nicky Sun

ASB Secretary: Zuni Ng

ASB Historian: Kristyan Caces

Student Representative to the Board: Michelle Fan

“This year, I was very lucky to run unopposed, so my experience would differ slightly from a typical ASB candidate. I personally always feel stressed out when it comes to election season, but this year, rather than campaigning for myself, I was mostly doing my best to help out friends,” shared junior Keely Sun, who was elected as ASB Vice President. “It really does feel like a load off my shoulders knowing I get another year of being with our school’s wonderful ASB, and it was super exciting to hear my confirmed position.”


Photos courtesy of AHS ASB

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