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Wellness Week Engages Students in Mindfulness

Emma Chen

In light of the growing mental health concerns for students, Arcadia High School Wellness Center and its Wellness Committee organized a Wellness Week to help students decompress. Taking place from Mar. 18 to Mar. 22, Wellness Week invited many clubs and organizations to host stress-relieving lunch activities. 

Among the first organizations to start were Plastic for a Purpose and Mental Health Awareness Club. 

Plastic for a Purpose organized the “Cacti-in-a-Bottle” event to give students the opportunity to participate in sustainable crafting while also adding a touch of greenery to their homes. Attendees were encouraged to decorate recycled bottles and turn them into mini-cactus gardens. In the end, each attendee was given a free succulent friend to accompany their newly decorated bottle gardens. 

The Mental Health Awareness Club prepared beads for students to make a variety of bracelets. Many gathered together to make friendship bracelets and chat about their shared interests outside of school.  Students selected beads of various colors and shapes, with each bead representing a different aspect of mental health.

Thanks to Music Makes Miracles, students had a multisensory experience at the Rally Court on Tuesday. As the strains of live music filled the air, the diverse sounds of various instruments echoed through the courtyard, captivating listeners with melodies that ranged from soothing to lively. 

Hosted by Vex Robotics and EDD, students were not only entertained but also encouraged to show their creative spirits through hands-on activities. At designated stations nearby, students molded clay into unique sculptures that were guided by their imagination and the expertise of Vex Robotics officers. 

Wednesday saw an array of mental health activities throughout the day. Behind the Rally Court during lunch, Link Crew provided a platform for positivity with a large whiteboard for students to post wellness notes. Students could jot down personal reminders to maintain a positive mindset. 

Meanwhile, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee (EDI) organized tables where students engaged in crafting star crowns and enjoyed complimentary temporary tattoos. 

Junior Darya Derakshani, president of EDI, shared how they prepared for the event.

“In order to step up, officers of EDI were excused from 4th period a little earlier to set up,” said Derakhshani. “We had to cut and bring out the water buckets for the tattoos. We also helped students with putting on the tattoos and making star crowns.” 

The stress relief continued into the afternoon, as the Wellness Center reintroduced its Crochet Workshop. During the one-hour session, students learned a variety of crochet stitches and techniques, guided by instructors who catered to each individual’s skill level.

“I had to of course go through one step at a time to make sure that individuals who are just starting out can follow along,” said junior Kayla Chan, one of the workshop instructors. “I was glad that every individual there was optimistic and willing to try, even when they struggled, because in the end, they all pulled through!” 

Besides teaching students fundamental crochet skills, Chan also said the workshop was beneficial for her own mental health.

“In regards to bettering my own wellness, I always enjoy helping people out, and I obviously love crocheting, and that combined with the wonderful experience of seeing people complete each step on their own and gaining a sense of achievement from it,” she said. “Teaching the crochet workshop was definitely a huge boost to my well-being.”

Following the workshop, the Arcadia Civic Youth Council prepared numerous wellness bags for attendees, which included tea bags, squishies, and fortune notes. With encouraging notes in mind, students were relieved to end their Wednesday. 

Seniors of Merit at Work, The Arcadia Quill, and Neuroscience and Psychology Club concluded Wellness Week with activities such as origami, scrapbook journaling, and polaroid photo decoration, respectively. With the help of these stimulating exercises, students were able to develop their artistic expression and discover new interests. 

“It was a really cute event as ours was the last day and there was a good amount of people who came,” said junior Saf Shanun, who’s an officer for Neuroscience and Psychology Club. “I think the idea for Wellness Week was really sweet and is a good way to decompress and do something relaxing.”

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