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PTSA Celebrates Staff at the Appreciation Lunch


Every year, to thank the staff for all of their hard work, AHS’ PTSA celebrates through an AHS Staff Appreciation Lunch on March 1. The lunch created the opportunity for all of AHS’ staff to enjoy a relaxing lunch, allowing them to gather to hold meaningful conversations and spend time with their colleagues in a gesture of thankfulness. 

This event has been held for many, many years typically in Feb/March.  It is a time for AHS families to show the staff of AHS how much they are appreciated. Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated nationally in May but due to AP Testing and to give the Staff a boost to get through the end of the year, it is held earlier at our school.  We know that a delicious lunch will make the staff feel happy and appreciated” said the AHS PTSA’s President, Margaret Aghili. This year, the PTSA, as well as AHS families, managed to raise almost $7,000 for the event.

This year, the Staff Appreciation Lunch featured a special theme: “How sweet it is to have a staff like you.” The theme was subtly hinted at throughout the event; a photo booth area with props resembling sweet treats allowed guests to take photos, while lollipop and candy bar bouquets adorned each table. 

The theme continued all the way to the thank you messages for the staff, as well as to the gift baskets staff could win in a raffle. The gift baskets included mini backpacks and cake decorating kits. Teachers also had the opportunity to grab candy bars for dessert after enjoying their lunch.

Throughout the lunch, staff conversed with each other, shared laughs, and told heartfelt stories to each other. 

Ms. Claudia Grubbs shared similar sentiments. When asked if she enjoys these sorts of staff appreciation lunches, she said, “Yes. I do very much so. It feels very nice to be appreciated for what we do, day in and day out, so it’s nice to stop, take a moment, meet the parents from PTSA and be appreciated. I would say my favorite part about these events is taking a moment to know that we are appreciated, get good food, actually eat lunch, and leave our classrooms.” 

In regards to her favorite memory from all years, she continues, “My favorite memory, I definitely understand why they had the food catered, which it was phenomenal this year. One of my favorite memories from past years is having parents actually bring in homemade food, and it tended to be kind of like a cultural celebration as well. I really appreciated it, but I also understand why they had to go to a catered lunch, and it was fabulous nonetheless. One of my other favorite memories was them having an ice cream truck from Handel’s, it was so good, to have ice cream on top of an amazing meal it was just fabulous. It’s really nice having the parents do this for us, it’s honestly very, very appreciated.”

“I enjoy these events. It’s a nice celebration in the middle of the year to recognize all of our hard work. As a teacher, I’m very grateful for the recognition of the parents. We also get together, all the teachers, so it’s a nice moment to have lunch together,” stated Mrs. Nathalie Krikorian. “This year I finally got the prize! I never won anything, so this year was extra special. It was very cute.”


Photos courtesy of AUSD DCI

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