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SCAC Holds Spring Money Drive


As winter transitions into spring, the Arcadia High School (AHS) Student Council Apache Commission (SCAC) presented their next event to help support the White Mountain Apaches. Just like every drive that SCAC holds, the Spring Money Drive funds will be sent to the White Mountain Apaches. Students were asked to donate to their period 5 classes, and the money was collected during that period on Friday, Mar. 8.

Founded in the late 1990s as an appointed commission of ASB, the goal of SCAC “is to maintain the relationship with the White Mountain Apaches and also make sure that any use of the Apache name and designation is done respectfully,” said Mrs. Heather Moore, the SCAC adviser.

Co-chair senior Gia Tran shared the same sentiments: “These are the same reasons that inspired me to join SCAC because I find it important to maintain a good relationship with the Apache Drive and educate ourselves about them.”

Along with the donations from the 2023 fall money drives, SCAC purchased gift cards to be sent to Fort Apache in Arizona. The clothes and toys that were donated to the Ed Schreiner Memorial Toy and Jacket Drive were also driven to the Apache reservation.

“The gift cards are from Walmart because it is one of the few stores that is close to the community of Cibecue, which is where we send the donations,” said Mrs. Moore. “ Also, the recipients can use the entire amount on the card, unlike the more universal Visa gift cards that take money off the total to activate.”

The gift cards and money will help the Apache people with “basic necessities such as grocery shopping, new clothing, or any educational investments the community decides the funds should be utilized for,” said Co-chair senior Michael Li.

In addition to the team’s work setting up the drive, SCAC also provided AHS students with a fun and delicious incentive to donate.

The period 5 classes that donated between $75 and $100 received ice cream for their donations, and those who donated over $100 received donuts, delivered straight to their classroom to be enjoyed during class. The class with the highest amount of donations was rewarded with a pizza party.

“The spring money drive was revamped this year with the inclusion of a pizza prize for the class which donated the most as opposed to the traditional ice cream and donut combo of the past,” said Co-chair senior Denise Cheng. “We also switched the price minimums with $75 earning ice creams and $100 earning donuts.”

In total, five classes raised enough funds for an ice cream party, and another five classes earned donuts for their class.

Congratulations to “Ms. Tedford’s [period 5] class, who raised over $1800 to clinch the pizza party!” said Mrs. Moore. “Thank you to [all] the teachers who collected money in their 5th period classes last week to benefit the White Mountain Apaches.”

SCAC and its adviser Mrs. Moore truly took their work to the next level by putting all their effort into these money drives. Supporting the White Mountain Apaches is incredibly important to AHS, and SCAC does a wonderful job in maintaining that relationship.


Photo courtesy of AHS SCAC

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