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Chewy Choices: The Top Girl Scout Cookies Review

Supriya Thapa
The squad is back! Samoas, thin mints, and adventurefuls are lined up as they might just be the most favorited cookies of the batch!

To kick off the new year, the annual Girl Scout Cookies selling season made a comeback mid-January. Starting in 1917 as a school volunteer project, these cookies help fund the organization that run Girl Scout troops. With 12 choices to choose from at $6 a box, there’s no way anyone would want to pass on the offer to buy these delicious sweets. Whether you’ve been enjoying the same flavor since childhood or find a new favorite each year, there’s a cookie for everyone! These six cookies in particular were the top-selling flavors of 2023.

Thin Mints

Starting fresh with a fan-favorite, Thin Mints have charmed the hearts of many with their rich chocolate layering and subtle, but refreshing mint aroma. These cookies are the perfect addition to your picnic, the essential afterschool snack, and the easiest box to empty. Personally, I give Thin Mints a 10/10 between their fragrant flavor and invigorating taste.


By combining crispy shortbread biscuits with chewy caramel, chocolate drizzle, and coconut flakes layered on top, Samoas are sure to win any sweet tooth over with its unique, yet irresistible flavor. Also known as Caramel DeLites, this flavor, along with Thin Mints and Tagalongs, were named the top three best-selling Girl Scout cookies. These cookies helped my younger self to branch out and try distinct flavors such as coconut, so as a result I give Samoas a 9/10. 

“I love Samoas because the texture is really nice, and I like the coconut flakes on them as well. They’re my favorite treat to snack on, especially whenever I have long study sessions,” junior Joy Jiang shared.


Fun fact: while the initial origin of s’mores remains unknown, the first published recipe of the treat comes from a 1927 publication titled, “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts”, implying that Girl Scouts were arguably the first of many to enjoy these delicious confections. Nonetheless, what better way is there to try a s’mores-flavored cookie than from the originators themselves? Similar to the traditional dessert, the Girl Scout S’mores features a milk chocolate and marshmallow filling sandwiched between two graham crackers, but without requiring the added work of roasting them. Between the nostalgic taste and delectable flavor, I give these cookies no “s’more” than a 10/10. 


While most cookies individually fall into the categories of sweet or salty, Adventurefuls exceed these expectations with their crunchy brownie-inspired base with a subtle sea salt flavor to accompany the caramel creme filling. In comparison to the other flavors, I feel that Adventurefuls have the most unique components, so subsequently I believe they deserves an 8/10.

“It’s the chocolate brownie combined with the caramel flavor that makes the Adventurefuls my personal favorite Girl Scout cookie,” junior Lina Shi revealed.


Unlike your typical peanut butter cookie sandwich, Do-si-dos incorporate oats into the biscuits, adding an extra layer of crumbly goodness. These cookies are especially perfect for those who prefer desserts that aren’t too sweet, but with the superb combination of crunch and cream, Do-si-dos can be a favorite for any cookie lover, regardless of their palate. For that, I give them a solid 7/10.

“Do-si-dos have been my go-to box from when I was a Girl Scout myself to this day. I was really shy as a kid, but selling these cookies definitely brought me out of my comfort zone and helped me to interact with others,” junior Kylie Cheng shared.


Following Do-si-dos comes another beloved peanut butter Girl Scout cookie: Tagalongs. Those who are fans of popular chocolate bars such as Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and Snickers are guaranteed to enjoy this flavor. Between the crispy peanut butter cookie base and the creamy chocolate coating, you might have to “tag along” for some more boxes. I give these cookies an 8/10.

“I have been in Girl Scouts for 11 years, and I have been taught so many things throughout the years. I learned how to improve my business skills, social skills, and survivor skills. Moreover, I’ve always looked forward to selling cookies every year. I love how whether you’re been a Scout before or not, people of all ages and backgrounds can enjoy these cookies together,” sophomore Jazmin Morales beamed.

From Thin Mints to Adventurefuls to Samoas, Girl Scout cookies have been cherishing memories since childhood. So don’t miss the opportunity and a “do-si-do” multitude of flavors to try!

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