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Celebrating Red Ribbon Week

Clarissa Suryapranata

Every year, Red Ribbon Week takes place from Oct. 23 to 31 and serves as an opportunity for schools nationwide to raise awareness and teach children about the dangers of drugs and to avoid them. 

Arcadia High School (AHS) also participates in this nationwide movement. To mark Red Ribbon Week at AHS, we have red ribbons hanging from all around the school. The red ribbons are displayed on both sides of the school and are noticeable to all ongoing traffic within the school’s radius—showing that AHS is a united community, involved in the battle against drugs. 

All students need to be educated on peer pressure and the dangers of coming into contact with any illegal drugs and what to do if you should ever come into contact with these drugs. We also have very supportive staff at AHS, with amazing teachers, counselors, and a wellness center that can help if you find yourself coming into contact with illegal substances or drugs.

This is something many parents are preaching to their children from a very young age and rightfully so as everyone needs to be prepared to make the right choices and stay drug-free.

Mr. Mike Freese, a history teacher at AHS, said, “Red Ribbon week is a great example of a small group of citizens affecting policy change.” 

Junior Jin Liu joined in on the conversation saying, “We need to put an end to all drugs within the U.S., and this is a great way to show our support.”

Sophomore Robert Zamacion also added in, “I think Red Ribbon Week is very important and happy we all show our support.”

The beginning of the Red Ribbon Campaign was when Enrique “Kiki” Camarera, a drug enforcement agent was tortured and killed in Mexico in 1985. In honor of his memory and the pride he took in the battle against illegal drugs, his community, neighbors, and personal friends decided to start wearing red badges of satin.

Parents then decided to form a movement of their own and create coalitions. It was these coalitions that later adopted the Red Ribbon. The impact of one sacrificed life made all the difference and sparked an entire movement that’s now promoted all around the world.

There are many ways that everyone can also show our support to this catalyst for drug prevention. 

For instance, take a Pledge located on the Red Ribbon Campaign main website  and be a part of the creation of drug free America. 

As the Red Ribbon Campaign states, “One person is all it takes to make a huge difference.” We are all encouraged to participate in this movement and join us at AHS on the road to a drug free America.

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