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A Life Beyond The Classroom


Teachers are often regarded as the pillars of knowledge and guidance within the walls of our education. While their expertise in academic subjects is well-known, what lies beneath their professional exterior can be fascinating. With that being said, through their diverse interests and talents, they inspire us to pursue our passions relentlessly.

Meet Ms. Janet Chuang, math teacher and the dedicated coordinator for the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) for the Class of 2025. Her enthusiasm for numbers is only rivaled by her deep-seated passion for all things crime-related. 

When asked about her love for true-crime shows, she lit up, saying, “after grading papers for hours and hours, turning on my TV and watching true crimes just relaxes me and also serves to get my mind off of things.” 

Additionally, for Ms. Chuang, having a hobby is not just an escape; it’s a way to refresh her perspective. She emphasized the significance of having a hobby, stating, “Having a hobby is a crucial aspect of maintaining a balanced and fulfilling life.” 

Similarly, as an educator, she shares her expertise with students, making the complex world of chemical reactions and equations understandable. While her classroom is adorned with more 1st place trophies than anything, Mrs. Cherryl Mynster is a teacher who excels beyond the field of chemistry.

However, beyond her dedication to academics, she finds joy in playing tennis, although she humorously admitted, “the challenge is finding free time to play!”

Off the court, Mrs. Mynster treasures moments spent with her family. “I mostly spend time with my family—we go on walks, watch YouTube videos, or enjoy leisurely drives together. These moments of togetherness bring relaxation and opportunities to bond with my loved ones,” she said. 

Her interests, from tennis to family bonding, highlight her well-rounded approach to life within and outside the classroom.

Known for his awesome beard, Mr. Paul Green is a dynamic social science teacher who brings the world to life in his classroom. While he imparts knowledge about human history and society, he’s an avid traveler, exploring the world to gather firsthand experiences. 

“I love to travel,” he enthused. “It’s a way to learn about cultures, traditions, and histories that I can later share with my students.” Mr. Green’s love for knowledge extends beyond textbooks, as he enjoys reading biographies and histories. Staying active is also essential to him. “I exercise regularly and play tennis, even if I’m not a pro at it,” he chuckled. 

His sense of adventure extends to the kitchen, where he loves to experiment with cooking and trying new recipes. “Spending time with friends, bowling (although I’m terrible at it), playing with friends’ dogs (because I can’t have one of my own), and watching sports (preferably with friends) are some of the other ways I unwind.” 

Mr. Green’s diverse interests reflect his holistic approach to education and his zest for life both inside and outside the classroom.

Madame Christina Vaughan, our esteemed French teacher, has a passion for both imparting the beauty of the French language and exploring the wonders of the world. While she may not travel daily, she dedicates her free time to planning far-flung adventures. 

“When I say travel, I mean travel far away,” she explained with enthusiasm. Madame Vaughan frequently visits her daughter in Mexico, and together, they venture into unfamiliar and uncharted territories. Excitement looms on the horizon for her, as she plans to attend the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France for the entire summer, accompanied by her husband and daughter. 

“We’re going to explore a multitude of different places,” she said, her anticipation palpable. 

Beyond globetrotting, Madame Vaughan’s E-bike ride to school is not just exercise; it’s a cherished hobby that adds a touch of adventure to her daily routine. Her passion for teaching the French language and her love for exploration epitomizes her dynamic approach to both work and life beyond the classroom.

These teachers are not just educators; they are multifaceted individuals who bring their unique talents and passions into the classroom, enriching the educational experience for their students. The next time you meet a teacher, take a moment to ask about their interests beyond the chalkboard—you might discover a hidden world of passion and creativity that shapes their teaching methods and inspires students in more ways than one.


Photo by Supriya Thapa

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