BeReal: New App Craze


Maryam Sadeghifard, Staff Writer

The social media platform BeReal initially was a way for college students to interact with others on campus but recently became a widespread app that is now used by plenty of Arcadia High School (AHS) students, and other teenagers around the world. With the new app, BeReal being released in 2020, but now gaining traction in 2022, teenagers worldwide can share what they are doing simultaneously throughout the day. Through only having two minutes to take a picture that uses both the front and back camera, it’s a new and innovative way to truly capture everything going on in that atmosphere. 

This new social media app shows all aspects of life in every way that is possible. Both the cameras take pictures so the behind-the-scenes is also able to be seen. It’s something that has not been seen before and implements features from every social media application into one. 

“I like using BeReal more than Snapchat or Instagram because once you post it goes away after a day, and you can’t spend too long on the picture because it only gives you two minutes to take it.” said AHS junior Mason Temple.

The discovery feed tab allows you to put into perspective the number of people who are also like you doing everyday tasks, without having the pressure to edit it or make it look good for a large number of people to see, as it disappears after one day. When looking at “BeReal” in the app store, the description sums up the application to be for ordinary people, doing random tasks who are interested in looking at what other friends are also doing throughout their day to day.

As  the name “Be Real” suggests, the app does not allow for it to be anything but real; though it is possible to pose for the photo, besides that there is no avoiding the fact that it is real and in the moment. With no filters like Snapchat or pre-posting like Instagram, this is the true way to keep the authenticity of the app with your friends and share that sense of vulnerability as well.

“Sometimes I forget to use the app, but I don’t feel pressured to use it,” said AHS junior Amish Jha. “I mean I don’t have to keep up with a streak or anything so I really just use it when I feel like it, or if I’m doing something interesting that I would want to share.” 

Though the main mantra of the app is to uphold authenticity, social media will never be authentic, even if you can literally see what is going on behind the camera. The little things will never be showcased in a picture that was taken within two minutes, but that is acknowledged with any application, and the simple push towards its authenticity is more than a lot of apps have done for their users.

“I deleted the app because it’s useless,” said AHS sophomore Chasity Mena. “Personally, I am not a fan of apps like BeReal because even though it is labeled to not feel pressured, I do. I feel pressured to post an interesting enough BeReal to get the little preset emoji reactions from my friends, and if I don’t I feel like what I did that day wasn’t interesting enough for them to react to.”

Though opinions on the app and where you decide to post the BeReal differs per person, somewhat destroying the sense of authenticity to it, it still is an initiative that I had never executed in this manner. With no filters, no followers, no likes (yet there are “reactions”), and no planning out what the post will be, the intent is there. Whether you decide to download it or not, the app is still a very innovative way to stay in touch with your friends, as well as people around the world, and relate to them.


Photo courtesy of Josh Rose