Apps Rising Popularity: Co-Star


Maryam Sadeghifard, Staff Writer

In recent years, astrology has gained popularity, and many have been relying on astrology for their day-to-day expectations. For those of you who don’t know, astrology has been used since ancient times. Originating in Mesopotamia, in a world with no past answers or explanations for the world around them, they looked to the stars. When stars align in certain ways, some believe that determines your personality type and the way you view the world. Predicting the events in our lives leaves people craving astrology for answers. 

To aid in this process of predicting the future through astrology, although the app was released in 2017, Co-Star had never seen fame until 2021, due to the social media app, TikTok. Through this development, the creator Banu Guler was able to spread the love of astrology to all demographics, young and old. All that is needed to participate in this app is to know the basic information about your birth: date, time, and location. Inserting this information all into the app will curate many personalized expectations for the future, for day-to-day, and hourly estimations. 

This app is truly a diamond piece for those who love astrology and look forward to waking up every day with a new quote. For those who are somewhat skeptical yet still downloaded the app, they found the day at glances quotes to be surprisingly accurate.

“I don’t really believe in astrology, but I downloaded the app for fun, and sometimes it surprises me of how it’s true to my life at times,” said junior Mason Temple.

The app is very diverse in what it can tell a person. It is subdivided into different categories, and each category tells a different story of your subconscious feelings and what you must do to escape the rut. As you open the app there will be 3 different sections of you, what you are powered in, pressured in, and troubled in. Then, there are 6 subcategories that will fall into each of the 3 sections, which differ from day to day in what section they are in. They are Self; Routine; Thinking & Creativity; Sex & Love; Spirituality; Social Life. 

“I truly believe that this app is an all-telling legend; I listen to it whenever I need guidance with that to do with my life, and it makes me feel like there’s an answer at the end of the road.” said junior Mellanie Grbavac.

Even the “do’s” and “don’ts” of the app are ones that I tend to listen to, even though, at times,  they may just be little words that do not imply much, in relation to your life, they can relate to and make you double guess whether or not to do or not do that thing. 

This app is one that can provide comfort when in a place of uncertainty to many. Even if you are not a believer in astrology, if you know your times of birth and place, there is no harm in downloading it and giving it a try.

Photo Courtesy of PIQSELS