Link Crew Pi Day

Maryam Sadeghifard, Staff Writer

The long-awaited date that students and math teachers had all been waiting for, Mar. 14 finally arrived. In honor of this special day, Link Crew decided to commemorate it by hosting a “Happy Pi Day” event in which students were able to share their excitement for the day, along with releasing a little bit of the stress they’ve had all the way through Quarter 3. This event held on Mar. 10 at lunch was a perfect opportunity to spend time with friends at the rally court and teachers, too. By paying $2, any student could throw a pie respectfully at their teacher’s face. 

We wanted to have some fun and celebrate! There were a handful of teachers who were there, and anyone who bought a pie threw it at whichever teacher they wanted, who was participating! It was super exciting because there were some teachers who I knew were there, and I was so looking forward to pieing them. Also seeing other people pieing their teachers was super crazy. Overall, it was a super exciting event,” said Link Crew member junior Dakota Lee.

Because of the unfortunate situation we all have been put in for the past two years, this event wasn’t able to happen in the last years due to safety concerns. As we return to normalcy, this prompted the revival of the event once again.

The Pi day event has been a big Link Crew tradition for years. I guess it’s been able to live on because of how much everyone enjoys it, students and staff alike. The whole concept of the event really embodies the fun, energetic high school atmosphere that so many people look forward to, and Link Crew really takes pride in the ability to bring that to life at AHS,” said Link Crew member Anabelle El Khoury.

Though, a lot of the time we don’t understand the amount of effort that goes into planning these occasions and the process it takes to get the event actually going.

“To plan this event, it took about a month ago to make sure everything went smoothly. On the actual day, we had to make sure to set up before the actual event during 4th period with a group of around 6 Link Crew leaders. We set up the chairs, barricades, the pie-making station, and the tables for check-in during 4th period. After the actual event, the highlights were that most of the teachers who got pied were happy after getting pied and that a lot of students had fun. The main highlight after the event was that after a student threw a pie at a teacher [and coming off the rally court stage he said, ‘Best two dollars I’ve ever spent!’” said Link Crew member junior Carlos Figueroa.

This excitement followed through, as the other Link Crew members remarked on their excitement for the event too, as well as the behind-the-scenes that we don’t see with Link Crew’s efforts in setting it up by lunch to be perfect for participants.

“Personally, I was super excited to be getting back to traditions like the Pi day event that were put on hold by the pandemic. With all the stress going on, this event allows students and teachers to have fun outside of the classroom, helps lift school spirits, and is honestly just a great way for everyone to let loose,” said El-Khoury.

These traditions are held dear to all Arcadia students. Being able to participate in this event brought together not only the numerous students who paid to participate in the event, and those watching but also gave teachers a chance to socialize with their students.

This Pi Day event not only was an incredibly fun experience for the students, but was also the first time for more than half of the students at Arcadia High School to ever hear of the event. his was a big step forward toward the forthcoming normalcy after the pandemic for about two years—hank you to Link Crew for hosting this event and reviving a long-lost tradition.


Photos by Ainsley Najafzadeh