NewDad: Upcoming Artist

Maryam Sadeghifard, Staff Writer

CONTENT WARNING: Some of NewDad’s songs contain explicit words.

Different types of genres and music structures have all been starting to flow out recently due to an influx of new up-and-coming artists that push the boundaries and make music their own. A perfect example of this is artist NewDad, who can be found on Spotify. “Prideful” is the word to use when describing such a talented artist like hers who gracefully grasps the concept of heartbreak and the pressure that many teens have to go through today. Though barely known, this artist deserves to have more recognition than what they have acquired already. 

When listening to NewDad it is much like the music of The Cure, also a rock band. Though NewDad is an Irish alternative indie rock band consisting of four members and acquiring 290,000 listeners on Spotify. Because of the quality of the band’s music as well as its reliability and promising aesthetics, they need to be at the forefront of new alternative indie rock music coming out now. The members have all grown up in Galway, Ireland, and created the name “NewDad” after they found it on a random name band generator. 

As a lover of the band The Cure and other bands like Weezer, they’re a perfect mix of the old with the new. With topics relevant to me with old-sounding beats, it makes for a perfect time to listen to their music. 

“They’re like Pixies and Slowdive mixed together,” said Arcadia High School junior Melanie Grbavac. “I love it.”

Though their music can be categorized as somewhat depressing, all of their music is made so that those who can relate don’t feel alone and they shed light on the views of the other side of the toxic relationships. 

The song that shows this is “Blue.” It is about the differences in needs when it comes to relationships. When one person needs more than the other person can provide, and the parallel between their emotions. The feeling of wanting to give someone your all, but feeling too depressed, or in this case “blue” to provide that for them. It’s a bitter feeling that not many artists can capture, but Julie Dawson, the songwriter of the band, matches perfectly. Not only does the slow and mellow beat align with the lyrics, but it also shows the absence of progression to reflect on their feelings. The beat continuously stays the same throughout the whole song, to show how it is hard to overcome incompatibility if the other person is simply too caught up in the past.

“I just found them on my Spotify discover and I can’t stop listening to them,” said sophomore Nathaniel Mena.

Recently, the band came out with its new tracks “Say It” and “Ladybird” as of now “Ladybird” is rising up to be one of its most popular songs. The new song “Ladybird” was inspired by the Greta Gerwig movie also having the same name. “Say it” was inspired by the intense heartache you get after being more interested in someone than they are to you, something a lot of us can relate to. 

Though some songs are explicit, they do provide a sense of relatability that a lot of other bands tend to lack, and aspects of realism are riddled throughout their whole music career. Ranging from their dark and stormy moments of life shown through their acoustics, to their new music being brighter, this range makes it easy for anyone wanting to find new music to listen to their hits.