Favorite Songs This Month


Maryam Sadeghifard, Staff Writer

As the season switches to fall, music tastes also switch. For the month of November, my music reel compared to summer changed drastically. Following the vibe of the fall season, my top three favorite songs correlate with that perfectly.

Starting at number one is “400 Lux” by Lorde. Not only is this a family-friendly song you can listen to with your parents in the car, also listening when the windows are rolled down while driving through your neighborhood captures the aura. Even though released around 2010, it’s a timeless piece. The rhythm falls in perfect harmony with cloudy weather which we’ve been graced to have. Whether you’re blasting this song in your car while driving with the windows down at 9 p.m., or just walking around campus, it fits the mood perfectly and encapsulates the fall spirit. The liveliness of her lyrics “I love these roads where the houses don’t change, where we can talk like there’s something to say” makes me feel as if I were in the song and reliving a moment with my friends. This song is filled with senses of nostalgia and bliss.  

Next is “1979- Remastered 2012” by Smashing Pumpkins. This hit was released in 1995, and to this day still lyrically aligns with our generation. When you’re with your friends and feel like this is a moment that you’ll remember when you look back on, make sure to have this song on.

“It’s the year my dad was born, and this song sums up his youth,” said junior Mellanie Grbavac.

This song elicits sensations of growth and change, a relatable feeling. Lead singer of the band Billy Corgan wrote this song specifically talking about a transition from youth to adulthood. He mentions being in high school and having adult responsibilities, yet still having to rely on his parents. It’s an awkward stage we all go through, and this song captures it perfectly while still maintaining a soothing and calm beat. It is the emotions of being close to adulthood, but not quite there yet.

Like a release from all past feelings and starting fresh with a new season, this song grasps onto all those emotions and puts it into one song that shows a want for a change– “Only You” by Mac Demarco. This song is clean and has an amazing meaning that always makes my heart sink. Whether you relate to the lyrics or not, this song is absolutely beautiful with a beat you can vibe to whenever you want. A change and a release are what this season pushes forward. 

“I love listening to Mac Demarco,” said junior Mason Temple. “His songs are fall classics.”

Through the repeated lyric “I’m done crying over you”, Demarco understands what is best for him. Even though he knows that one person is able to make him feel things he’s never felt before, the attachment is toxic and the person has a grasp over him that only she can elicit. That should never be the case. 

“Sorry boo, we’re through” shows that he knows she only wants him when he is most vulnerable and insecure. He recognizes that and cuts off the relationship. Even though this song is talking about a relationship with someone, it can also be applied to so many other situations, like understanding that something isn’t good for you and taking the initiative to change that. To me, fall is about letting go of the past while we go into the new year, and this song shows that perfectly. 

These songs not only have amazing beats, but the lyrics apply to my life and so many others in our youth so well. Each song has its own meaning, with similar beats, and 2010-esque fall vibes. Happy November!


Photo courtesy of UNSPLASH.COM