Free Museum Day in Los Angeles County


Maryam Sadeghifard, Staff Writer

In honor of the treacherous times all of us have endured throughout California and globally, we have been gifted with the opportunity to attend our favorite museums for FREE! On Sept. 18, the Smithsonian Magazine is hosting its annual event; bring your friends and family to accompany you in attending the following museums in Los Angeles (LA) County: GRAMMY Museum, International Printing Museum, Flight Path Museum & Learning Center, and LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes. 

For avid music fans, the GRAMMY museum has plenty to offer as you take in the historical landmarks of music. Located in the heart of Los Angeles, the GRAMMY museum exhibits musical artifacts which surround you in an aura filled with creativity, as well as hand on interactive touchscreens, sound booths, and many more. Instruments and costumes from past grammy awards, and hand-written lyric sheets from artists ranging from Taylor Swift to 2Pac are also available for viewing. If you decide to visit this museum, you’d be the presence of musical history.

The largest collection of antique printing presses present at the International Printing museum brings admirers of literature a closer look into the origins of journalism that shaped the modern world. After the museum’s founding in 1988, their dedicated mission curates the spread of knowledge of the extensive history behind printing and books to diverse audiences. The third oldest printing press made in America is available for viewing at this museum, which was used by historical figure, Benjamin Franklin to write renowned works of literature such as the Pennsylvania Gazette and Poor Richard’s Almanac. Revolutionary inventions that ultimately led to the enlightenment of the modern world, all started with the creations of these printing presses.

No other museum offers such a perspective on contemporary aircraft and aviation.”, the Flight Path museum gives exclusive viewings as to how aviation works as well as experiencing aviation throughout history first-hand through historical showings. As a non-profit organization, their main mission is to honor and recognize those in history who shaped aviation today and to inspire future generations to pursue higher education in aviation fields. Located in the LAX Imperial terminal, this is the only museum of it’s kind to be positioned at a major airport. Experience the magic of aerospace technology and visit the Flight Path museum to view large collections of airline accessories, and look into a real DC-3 aircraft.

LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes honors the past, inspires the future, and goes in depth about the deep influences rooted in society that were planted by Latinos and Latinas in this museum. You can understand the treacherous times in which many Latinos had to endure and how they were able to still keep a sense of community. Starting from a pueblo, to now the city of Los Angeles, the museum celebrates the rich origins of Hispanics in America. You’ll be able to educate yourself more thoroughly through reading overlooked narratives from Mexicans and Mexican Americans that prosper from the precolonial era, to the modern age. Get a deeper understanding of Mexican culture by looking at historical artifacts, photographs, testimonies and much more in visiting LA Plaza de Cultura y Artes. 

To participate in the fun, it’s as easy as going on the Smithsonian Magazine website to find nearby museums that are participating in Museum Day. With many museums having been closed down due to the pandemic, this is big news for those who appreciate the arts. In order to attend, you must sign up with your email to get the ticket voucher on their website. Excited attendees are sharing their enthusiasm online, through the hashtag “Museum Day.”

Even though most museums have already adjusted to full COVID protocols, and so now that you’re vaccinated, your chance of getting infected in the museum is probably pretty low.” Medical analyst Dr. Leanna Wen suggests taking these measures to stay safe. Following up with each museum with specific rules and guidelines they follow allow for further protection against COVID-19.

In 2020, this event had to be cancelled due to ongoing uncertainties about what the future had to offer. Because of this, museums decided to host virtual viewings and exhibitions. As a result, this caused a massive deduction off their yearly revenue from showcases. This year, we hope to see our museums recover, and we hold pure appreciation to those museums participating.

Not only in Los Angeles County is Museum Day being held, but throughout the country. Over 1000 museums are participating in the Smithsonian Magazine 2021 Museum Day. A variety of different exhibitions will be available, such as historical, space museums, art galleries, and even select zoos! 

The Smithsonian Magazine’s Twitter describes this event as “an annual celebration of boundless curiosity” in order to lift spirits and spread the joy of the arts. To show our dearest appreciation and support, make sure to share this event with family and friends!