Thank You, Mrs. Tedford

Vritti Godani and Pamina Yung

Mrs. Tedford teaches Beginning and Intermediate dance at AHS for over 25 years. Starting from the first day of class, she sets up strict and high expectations in terms of adaptation and effort, but she never forgets to remind her students that as long as they always try their best, their endeavors will definitely pay off.

According to her, if you don’t push yourself, you will never change physically nor mentally. Mrs. Tedford constantly and consistently pushes her students to their limits and points out specific details to help her students’ technique. Her experience is extremely beneficial because she can easily convey to her students how she wants the dance to appear. She has an amazing eye for detail and watches all of her students to make sure they know their material. Her choreography is absolutely beautiful and she never fails to put together a routine whether it is sophisticated and graceful or sassy and fun. In addition, she works with Orchesis Dance Company by doing their pictures and organizing costumes. 

Mrs. Tedford never fails to make the atmosphere lively and filled with an encouraging and positive attitude. Her classes are invariably an enjoyable hour and an excellent learning experience. She is wonderfully easy-going and non-judgemental, making her very approachable to ask questions. Mrs. Tedford is incredibly motivating, inspiring, and compassionate. Being in her class, it is obvious that she truly desires the best for her students. She poses as a role model and is always open to what her students have to say. She doesn’t look for her students to walk into the class being impeccably flexible and flawless with their dancing, but improvement through effort and dedication. Mrs. Tedford is the epitome of tough love and is never afraid to critique and help you. It matters to her that we care about the process as equally, if not more than, the result of our hard work. Not only is she concerned about her students’ grades, but also their well-being. She evidently emboldens us to do everything for ourselves and not be so caught up in other people’s expectations and thoughts.

What Mrs. Tedford does is deeply appreciated by all her students and fellow teachers and staff. She has such a big and warm heart that is felt by everyone and is overall an awesome teacher.