Thank You, Arcadia Public Library

Kirsten Fuu, Ashley Zhao, and Leslie Chen

Once the school bell rings finally rings at the end of a long, exhausting day, you once again face the realization that you’ll have to find somewhere to wait in such hot, dry weather. But as you wearily trod along the entryway to your destination, a cool gust of air breezes towards you as the automatic doors of the building gently slide open. As soon as you walk in, the comfortable silence and peaceful ambiance of the room wash over you, helping you relax and forget about your worries. That place, of course, is the Arcadia Public Library. Serving as a community center and a safe haven for all kinds of people, the library plays a central role in our city. By promoting the importance of literature and spreading cultural awareness through its many communal activities, the library is truly a learning hub for everyone.

The library provides free resources and programs for everyone who visits, such as movies. Every month or so, they host movies for children and teens of varying genres, from comedies to horror flicks. After school, scholars can relax and enjoy whatever matinee is being provided, along with free snacks handed out by staff. Along with movies, the library also has a plethora of computers that are free to use. Kids can play educational games that are offered on the devices in the children’s room, in addition to links that provide access to e-books and homework help guides. For younger toddlers, keyboards with larger keys and letters as well as trackball mice are all provided. If a printer isn’t available at home, students can use one of several other computers inside the building to print for a small fee. Furthermore, study rooms are available for students looking to concentrate and get work done efficiently. By offering countless services that cater to a broad age range, the library demonstrates the care and attention put into making sure that every visitor that enters the building leaves feeling satisfied.

Most notably, the library brings awareness about different cultures and holidays through its many events. These monthly events are open to all ages but are usually catered towards young children and their parents. Through interactive activities and exciting performances, the library allows the audience to be able to learn and become more aware of the different cultures in the world. For example, every Chinese New Year, children are able to make their own red lanterns, enjoy a dragon dance performance, and practice calligraphy. Even throughout its hallways, the staff frequently change displays to feature mementos and artworks from certain cultures or time periods. Simply by walking from one room to another inside the library, the library staff always make sure there is something interesting and engaging for their visitors to see and learn. 

Whether you’re there to get some work done or just someone looking to settle down with a good book, the Arcadia Public Library is a place that makes sure every visit made is one that is worthwhile.