Thank You, Mrs. Rolfe

Janell Wang, Staff Writer

Walking from one side of the campus all the way to the fourth period of the day which is located on the second floor of the J-Building proves to be an exhaustive trip. Entering room J-212 which is positioned in the back of the building is where Mrs. Mo Rolfe resides. This year, she is teaching both regular Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Honors. Before the start of class, Mrs. Rolfe can be seen grading papers or helping a student with a difficult question. Most people regard math as a generally boring and difficult subject. However, Mrs. Rolfe’s unique teaching style keeps things fresh and interesting. She breaks things down and explains things in the simplest way possible. She looks at math from another perspective and makes connections that make it intriguing. Even if students don’t quite understand or grasp the mathematical concept, she encourages them to ask questions and is always there to help.

Mrs. Rolfe teaches in a quick and efficient manner where dozing off for even a second can leave you puzzled and lost. Her notes are easy to comprehend as she gives several examples of the concept and shows what to do in certain situations. At the end of the lesson, she gives one or two try questions which are harder questions that challenge students what they have learned. These sometimes exceedingly difficult questions leave students scratching their heads in confusion, some more than others. Mrs. Rolfe would provide hints to the problem and patiently help students in need. Usually, the majority of the students managed to overcome the problem which leaves them satisfied. She gives encouraging words, one of them being that failing is part of the learning process and that you learn more from your failure than success. 

Even when the classroom gets rowdy at times, Mrs. Rolfe always replies back with a quick and witty retort that keeps students under control. She has some truly admirable traits that make her a great teacher. After finishing a test or quiz, she works at a really fast pace to try to grade papers and give out results as soon as possible. She even sometimes pushes back quizzes or tests, much to the relief of her students as this gives them more time to study and prepare. Mrs. Rolfe is a truly awesome teacher who cares about her students while pushing them to their limits to improve.