Thank You, Mr. Mynster

Enzo Goebel, Staff Writer

Being a teacher is tough, and it is not an undertaking that just anyone should take up. Furthermore, being a teacher requires one to be mentally astute, patient to no fault, passionate, benevolent, modest, and have a fierce resolve. AHS is one school that is fortunate enough to have such teachers. One teacher in particular who exemplifies these qualities is Mr. Mynster.

Mr. Mynster, who has been teaching at AHS since 2002, is not only a mentor but a friend to students at AHS. He regularly devotes his time to teaching students, whether it be geometry, statistics, or the stock market. He can be found helping students in his classroom before school, during lunch, and after school, from giving career advice, to perfecting college applications, and debating queries of a philosophical nature.

While teaching, Mr. Mynster has a knack for making learning accessible to students by including relatable stories in his lessons. Mr. Mynster always has a witty quip to say, a humorous one-liner, or an opinion to voice. When asked if there is anything he can’t do, he jokes: “give birth.”  He has coached Cross Country, Track and Field, and Water Polo. Prior to teaching, Mr. Mynster did field work in statistics, ran a business, and even did some computer programming.

Mr. Mynster’s room is filled to the brink with “techy” gadgets, comic-con memorabilia, foodstuffs, and all the materials that students need to thrive in a modern-day classroom. Mr. Mynster is clever, innovative, friendly, enthusiastic, and adventurous. Although he doesn’t assign much homework, students are able to learn and succeed in his classes (that boast minimal fail rates). From using his desk as an amplifier for the music he plays when students walk into class to playing Beatsaver on his OculosQuest after class, Mr. Mynster is one of a kind, or “special like everyone else” as he would put it.