David Holmes’ Testimony


David Holmes is an AHS alumnus who graduated in 1993 and is currently a political counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. Holmes testified in the impeachment inquiry on Thursday, Nov. 21.

When English and math teacher Mr. Albert Sylvia along with other staff at AHS saw “him on the news—once [they] recognized it was him, it was no surprise—[they] knew he would go far, and this [testimony] proved it. As a school, AHS is extremely proud of Holmes’ achievements as an active member of the political scene, as well as a contributor towards the U.S.’ dignified legal processes. We wish him the best, and can’t wait to see other Apaches leading the world towards an even greater tomorrow.” From a normal high schooler to a national headline, Holmes has set a name for himself for the history of this country. But what was he like as an Apache?

Mr. Sylvia, who was Holmes’ former speech and debate teacher said, “I remember he was in speech and debate. He was very good at it. I remember that he had a really good voice [and was] very persuasive, so I’m not surprised [that he is working as a political counselor].”

Adding on, English teacher Mrs. Claudia Grubbs, one of Holmes’ classmates throughout middle and high school, recalled, “I had a couple of classes with David and recall him being a nice, unassuming guy. He was incredibly friendly and nice to everyone. It’s no surprise to me that David is in the position he is in now in his career.” She said that she is “proud to be a former classmate of David Holmes. He was one of those classmates that you knew was bound for success because he was just that mature as a high school student—someone who was beyond high school as a junior.”

Holmes was an active and engaged student on campus. As a part of the Government Team, Speech and Debate team, Student Council, as well as other distinguished student organizations on campus, he showed an early interest in civic engagement. With all the extracurriculars offered at AHS that catered to his interests, Holmes was able get the starting point he needed to pursue a career in politics.

After going on to Pomona College, the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, and Princeton University, and earning graduate degrees in International Affairs, Holmes ultimately went on to serve as senior policy and political adviser at the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine. As mentioned in his opening statement, Holmes’ job includes “gaining information on a host country’s internal politics, foreign relations, and security policies, [reporting] back to Washington, [representing] U.S. policies to foreign contacts, and [advising] the Ambassador on policy development and implementation.”

In the impeachment inquiry, Holmes gave a public testimony regarding President Trump’s Ukraine policy, providing evidence about Trump’s actions. During his deposition, Holmes was asked, “Why do you remember this [moment] so clearly?” Holmes responded, “This was a very distinctive experience. I’ve never seen anything like this in my foreign service career–someone at a lunch in a restaurant making a call on a cell phone to the President of the United States.” Holmes describes President Trump as having a “very distinctive personality” and using “very colorful language” during the conversation with Ambassador Sondland.

Overall, David Holmes was a memorable student at AHS who was involved in many activities. Teachers find it only natural that Holmes would be active in the political scene.


Graphic Courtesy of AHS YEARBOOK 1993 and WASHINGTONPOST.COM