Reminders That the World Is Beautiful

Alex Kim, Staff Writer

You know those days, the ones where you feel that the world is only filled with war and the internet with hate? Sometimes, you may find that it’s much easier for you to notice all the bad things, and become exhausted by the overload of them. Thus, it becomes difficult to think that there are many things in life that make it worth the hardship. However, it is now March, already the third month of the year and beginning of spring: a reminder that even after the hardships, there are good things around the corner, and things are beginning to look up. So here are some great feelings and small reminders that the world is actually a beautiful place, and life is worth living.

Prospects of a new season

Every season there is something wonderful, new, or nostalgic. It is now officially spring, which means longer days and warmer nights. It’s the return of lavender and white, yellow and baby pink. And most importantly, it is one step closer to summer and its beach days and smoothie bowls, vacation nights and road trips. Afterward is the rusty orange colors and cinnamon apple scents of fall, and then it’ll be hot chocolate and warm Christmas light winter. There is always something to love about every new season, something to miss, and something to look forward to again and again.

Dancing and singing just because you feel like it

There are not many things that feel like true freedom, like the way it feels to dance and sing around the house with no one around. It doesn’t matter if you’re good. In fact, nothing else really matters in that moment, and it’s like a small catharsis of all of the pent of emotions and energy that you wanted to throw out to the world.


Along the same lines, music exists. It’s there for you wherever you go, and these arrangements of sound are sometimes exactly what you need when you don’t know what to feel, when you’re bogged down by the world, or when you need hope.

Chocolate and boba milk tea

Just the fact that these are real things in the world make it just a bit better, and it’s cute that humans can feel a little better just by tasting something sweet.

Spontaneous adventures

Late night snack runs, random brunch plans, and drives to new places are some of the surprisingly best feelings in the world. You didn’t really plan ahead of time, and sometimes it’s a little chaotic and confusing, but those are some of the things that you’ll end up remembering. So go watch the sunset on the weekend or drive to the beach with friends even if it’s getting late. You may even be able to have a bonfire.

Bubbles and puppies

It’s almost impossible not to smile in the presence of these. Even the words themselves are cute and lovely.

Laughter and surprises

Inside jokes and random gifts can make your day. They are always a nice reminder that you do have special connections with other people, and that you have people who think about you. If anything, live for the small moments.

Early mornings and late nights

Being awake when the city is sleeping is a significantly peaceful and existential feeling. It’s also a wonderful and intimate time where people share their secrets, where music sounds the best, and thoughts run wild.

Good people

Despite hearing about all of the bad people in the world, there are, on the other hand, many good people who care for you, or people you will meet in the future who will care for you. There are politicians who are actually trying to make a difference, scientists looking for cures and solutions, and random nice people who let you go in front of them in the cashier line when you’re carrying two items and in a hurry.

Fulfilling a goal

All of this hardship will culminate into something beautiful. This is something that you have to believe in order to keep going. Fight for your goals, and you will feel the greatest sense of accomplishment afterward.


There are many different forms of love: for people, for hobbies, for things, and there are so many ways to learn to love in the future. Live because you love, and love because you are living right now. There are places still to see and an infinite number of things to do.