Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium

Becky Chen, Staff Writer

Spotify has over 200 million users, easily making it one of the most popular music streaming platforms in the world. The app has several artists and songs enjoyed anywhere and at anytime by anyone. But more specifically, anyone who is okay with ads. Only on Spotify Premium is one allowed to access more features such as infinite skips, no ads, downloadable music, and the ability to play any song they desire. Whereas on the free version of Spotify, users can only skip songs six times an hour and can’t choose the song they wish to listen to (they can only shuffle play).

Premium costs $10 each month for a normal user. For some, the price is too high. “Why would I waste my money on Premium?” Freshman Yuki Cun contended. “The ads are only like seven seconds long, I can wait.” This is true for many people, as paying for just ad-free music does not seem worthwhile. It can easily be argued that $10 every month can be easily conserved as long as you’re a patient person.

However, not everybody has to pay this seemingly high price to be able to enjoy this ad-free and downloadable music. In fact, the majority of students I interviewed only have Premium because of the useful family plan option. The Spotify family plan can be shared by up to six people, with each individual having Premium for themselves. The family plan costs $15, and when divided among the maximum number of shared people, would cost only $2.50 for each person. “Spotify Premium is definitely worth it, but only with the family plan,” sophomore Charisse Liu agreed.

Freshman Angelina Bertolini is also a fan of Premium. “Despite $10 seeming like a lot, people like me can just get the family plan for cheap. It’s totally worth it because now I don’t have to be interrupted by ads, and I have infinite skips.”

At the end of the day, it seems like most people can agree that if somebody wants Spotify Premium, they should consider using the family plan with five other people. The feeling of having the price lowered by $7.50 combined with the relief of being able to skip that one song you’re sick of listening to every day “beats everything else” Angelina stated.

Photo courtesy of QZ.COM