Places with Student Discounts


Becky Chen, Writer

Who doesn’t love discounts and great deals nearby? Never fear! I’m here to provide a list of places around that provide student discounts or deals when shown a student ID.

  • Subway- Did you know that one of the best sandwich places near AHS gives you a free cookie with a purchase of a sandwich if you’re a student?! You can choose a cookie of any choice (the double chocolate chip cookie is superior by the way).
  • LACMA- The Los Angeles County Museum of Art provides a $5 discount off of the original price of $25. Just show your ID card to the cashier, and enjoy your cheap visit to this popular museum!
  • The Huntington Library- At the Huntington Library, students who show their ID’s are able to pay $4 to $5 dollars less for admission tickets! It’s also worth mentioning that the first Thursday of every month is free, and that reservation is required for entry.
  • Chick-fil-A- According to several sources online, students can get a free drink with their meal as long as they have a valid ID! Who knew that this place could get any better? 
  • Chipotle- Another place that also provides a free drink along with a meal is at one of everyone’s favorites: Chipotle!
  • Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden- Our lovely Arboretum provides a $6 admission when shown a student ID! This is $3 cheaper than the adult admission fee.

These places all provide deals that we lucky students have access to! Don’t be afraid to show up with your student ID and get those cheap discounts, because let’s be real, we can really use them!  


Graphic courtesy of NDSU.EDU