DCI Podcast


Becky Chen, Staff Writer


The AUSD Digital Communications Internship (DCI) has begun the second season of its student podcast. This is the first student-led podcast that AUSD has launched. Its Podcast team, a new group of students formed in the spring semester of 2018, publishes episodes weekly on Podbean.

Junior Jeffrey Lee, manager of the Podcast team, strives to “reach as many listeners as possible” to tell Arcadia’s story. By doing so, he and his team want to be “sharing knowledge and thoughts through live interviews, discussions, and other segments.” Episodes of the podcast are created in various areas: from live interviews with the Science Olympiad Captain to discussions about the top ten things to do in LA.

The Podcast team is looking forward to the future. A member of the team, junior Sarah Wang, has high hopes for the second season of DCI. Sarah stated, “I hope we will continue bringing interesting content to the student body of AUSD that they will enjoy listening to.” Its first season was a success with 12 episodes that are timed about six to sixteen minutes each. Nevertheless, the team is always looking for improvements. When asked about his future vision, Jeffrey stated, “We’ve already been looking into purchasing better microphones, and are hoping to expand our interviews to maybe even the Arcadia mayor or something crazy like that!”

“To readers,” Jeffrey addressed, “We hope you stay and enjoy our work! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, comments, and suggestions.” The district is anticipating what the second season has to offer! Keep up the good work, DCI!