Save the World One Search at a Time

Kobe Yu, Staff Writer

Google. Bing. Yahoo. These are search engines that are known to many and are easy to use. However, there is one that stands out. Ecosia is a search engine that donates 80% or more of its profits to conservationist organizations, specifically tree-planting programs. This web browser serves as a cute home page and has a goal to save the planet, one search at a time.

Begun in Berlin, Germany,  Ecosia was launched in 2009 by CEO Christian Kroll. Until 2010, Ecosia’s donations went to a program aimed to protect the Juruena National Park in the Amazon Basin. More of Ecosia’s donations include: the Plant a Billion Trees program, which strives to plant one billion trees by 2015 in hopes of restoring the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, and the Great Green Wall Project, which includes reforesting Burkina Faso. The company also works in Tanzania, Morocco, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and Brazil.

          Although some would say that Ecosia falls short when compared to Google, the defining characteristic behind this company is its goal. This goal is likely to attract an audience of millennials, who truly care about how sustainable the products they use are. To learn more about this web browser, their podcast and blog is the place to look.

As of January 2015, this search engine raised over $1.5 million for rainforest protection. Ecosia’s blog and podcast document the company’s progress and shine light on people who are making a difference. One person who stands out is the “Forest Nurse”. Her name is Claire, and she persuades farmers to stop cutting down trees for the purpose of agriculture. Though she has a family to feed and children to support, she does not let the economic value of deforestation convince her to do the wrong thing. This is one of many stories that can be found on the Ecosia blog.  

Because of Ecosia’s dedication to restore the natural wonders, the company has received a European Tech Startup Award, under the category “Best European Startup Aimed At Improving Society.”  

Using this search engine can help the fight for a greener future. Unlike other ways to contribute to this cause, this method only requires the click of a few buttons.  

Currently, Ecosia has helped plant over 35 million trees globally and this number continues to grow. Ecosia’s remarkable and sustainable goal to replenish the world’s forests is definitely one to support.