Why Salamanders Are Underrated Pets?

Jennifer Fuerte, Staff Writer

Are you tired of hearing people obsess over cats and dogs when there are plenty of other pets in the world that hves their own set of special qualities? Salamanders exist for that very reason. These amphibians have a plethora of interesting facts about them, along with being absolutely adorable, making them completely underrated. Let’s get to know these wonderful creatures!


They eat everything!


Not necessarily everything, but salamanders have a huge appetite for many varieties of foods. Depending on the species, salamanders eat brine shrimp, insects like dubia roaches, crickets, multiple types of worms, and small minnows. As long as it’s smaller than the salamander and it moves, salamanders will waste no time to eat it by swallowing it whole.


Salamanders can’t physically hurt you!


Salamanders are relatively small in size, and they have no sharp teeth or claws to bite or scratch. Most species are soft-bodied without many features that could potentially harm a person. The ones that can hurt you have a primary defense mechanism of a secretion of bad-tasting or poisonous liquid from glands on their neck and back, so unless you plan on licking a salamander, there’s no chance of getting hurt.


They are low maintenance pets!


Many other reptiles and amphibians require a heat lamp to sunbathe in, but salamanders don’t require one. Because they absorb water through their skin, their bodies are always slightly wet and slimy, meaning that too much light exposure would be more damaging than beneficial. A suitable habitat only needs two or three inches of moist soil, shelter pieces for privacy and stimulation, and a slightly warmer environment within the house. Additionally, they have flexible eating schedules and feed every two to three days, making them perfect for people with busy schedules.


Salamanders have long lifespans!


Salamanders can live anywhere from 15 to 50 years depending on the species. Compared to other pets, this is a long lifespan, but when compared to other amphibians and reptiles, it’s more typical. If you’re looking for a life-long friend, then a salamander is the perfect pet for you!


They are capable of regrowing limbs!


Accidents can happen, especially to wild salamanders who deal with predators and other hostile factors in nature. In the case that they lose an arm or leg, salamanders have the ability to regrow those limbs. While not completely regenerating them, the regrown limbs are typically developed until they regain sufficient mobility and function. The end result is a cute, little limb that works just as hard as the others!


They are super adorable!


Salamanders don’t give off typical cuteness-vibes like other, more furry pets. Instead they have unique visuals because salamanders come in a variety of colors and patterns. Colors like electric blue and ochre yellow are not surprising to see in certain species of salamanders. Additionally, they feel good. Most salamanders have soft and slimy skin due to the way they absorb water, and because of this, petting them feels nice and smooth. Furthermore, they have lovable heads in combination with the placement of their eyes, which makes them fun to look at.


Salamanders are affordable pets!


Depending on the seller and breed, salamanders can cost anywhere between $15 to $50. The price is largely determined by the breed, but for the most part, most domesticated breeds are easy on the wallet. Moreover, the equipment and food needed to care for a salamander are cheap. Plastic tubs or old aquariums can be used for habitats, and salamander food can be picked up at the pet store for less than $10. The total cost for adopting a pet salamander shouldn’t cost any more than $100, as opposed to other pets which can drive costs higher up than anticipated.

While salamanders may seem dull to most people, they become a lot more fascinating once you take the time to learn about them. Compared to other pets like cats and dogs, they’re incredibly unique and have many traits distinct to them. They make great pets because of these multiple reasons, so make sure to look at them in a brighter light the next time you think about cool pets.