How To Build Self-Confidence

Cassidy Chhay, Staff Writer

Building self-confidence is very important, especially in the teenage years. There are many simple ways to build confidence in yourself and your work.

Acting the Part
Your presentation and body language can demonstrate your self-confidence. If you act and look the part you want to reach, you will feel in control, and people will have much more confidence in you as well. Holding your head up high, sitting up straight, and maintaining good eye contact when someone is speaking to you can show your confidence.

Thinking and Acting Positively
Positive energy leads to positive outcomes, so setting your mind to a can-do attitude can help boost your self-confidence. Avoid negative thoughts as they can make you feel less confident. Surrounding yourself with happy and positive people can help you stay positive.

Look at What You Have Achieved
Focus on what you have achieved already. You can make an achievement log to list important things you have achieved in life. Spending a few moments each week to look at the log can help build your self-confidence.

What is Important to You?
Thinking about what is important to you can help build your self-confidence. Setting and achieving goals can boost your confidence. Goal setting, whether the goal is big or small, is very important. It’s a step to achieving said goals! By learning what is important to you, you know what goals to set and how you might achieve them.

Mind Palace
To build your confidence, you want to get rid of that voice in your head saying, “You can’t.” As said before, negative thoughts can take a toll on your confidence. Having a positive mental attitude and mindset can help you use and create a strong mental image of what you want and what you want to achieve.

Self-confidence has many positive impacts on life; it makes your life happier and healthier. Confidence usually leads to success. Believing in yourself and your skills leads to the belief of your ability to succeed.