Thrifting Tips and Tricks

Cassidy Chhay, Staff Writer

Thrift store shopping has gotten more and more popular. If you are like me, you watch thrift store hauls on YouTube and wonder why you can’t find such awesome pieces of clothing at your thrift store. Well, you won’t find exactly the same pieces, but you can find pieces of your own! Here are some thrifting tips and tricks that you can use next time you enter a thrift store.


Visit often. Thrift stores don’t put in regular orders or carry standard merchandise. Usually, everything that is available will be there only once and depend on what was brought in. If you visit thrift stores often, then you will more likely find a unique piece of clothing that you will love. Some places you can go to are Goodwill, The Salvation Army, Savers, Value Village, Society of St. Vincent de Paul, etc.


Wear something simple. You wear something that is very simple and matchable. This will make it a lot easier for you to what kinds of things will look good. This also can help avoid not buying something that you could have really liked, but doesn’t match your outfit at the time. In general, it will make it easier to make you love the item that may not seem good but is good.  


Look through everything. Unlike a tradition retail store, thrift stores don’t typically carry multiples of an item. By looking through everything, you are able to make sure you don’t miss anything you might love.


Music. By bringing some music along with you, it can help relax and really look through the racks of clothes. You may not like the funky radio music the thrift store is playing, so be sure to bring your earbuds and your phone to listen to your own playlist (or Pow Wow’s playlist of the month).


Be friendly. You should always be nice to others, no matter what. And being nice to thrift store employees can benefit you in so many ways. Not only will you be a decent human-being, if you become a regular, you may find them pointing you to new merchandise, stashing things you might like until you arrive, and telling you how to get additional discounts.


Check both genders and children areas. Even if you are not a boy or not a girl, check in the area, because sometimes things can be misplaced or you might find something you really like in the other gender area. Checking the children area is good for people who are small body frame, because most likely can you fit a child’s shirt. So just check both sections, you never know what you will find.


Donate. Keeping a handy box of stuff needed to donate, and then take it with you when you go thrifting. Some thrift stores even give you coupons when you donate, so make sure to keep those when you go thrifting.


Shop in the middle of the week. Usually, everyone shops on Saturday or Sunday, the store will be crowded. Shopping in the middle of the week is better because it will be less crowded, giving you can a more likely chance to get the best items.


Vintage clothing. Sometimes it’s hard to know if you have a vintage piece of clothing or not. Use your smartphone and check out the Label Resource at the Vintage Fashion Guild when you find a tag you can’t identify.


Restocks. Ask an employee when the store restocks so you can choose the best day to shop. Each store is different, and this information is golden, it will save you from stopping by when the inventory is low and you will get dibs on new products.