Webtoon Stories to Read

Cassidy Chhay, Staff Writer

Webtoon is an online digital platform where creators can post their comics. There are many stories on the platform, and for new readers, it can be difficult to choose what to read. Here is a list of different types and genres of stories. However be warned, some of these stories do contain foul language. Those that do will be marked. If you want to read comics that are being updated weekly, here are some of my favorites.


Home, Sweet Home (Foul Language)

Home, Sweet Home is a thriller comic by Youngchan Hwang and Carnby Kim. It updates every Monday. It is about a reclusive high school student, Hyun Cha, who is suddenly forced to leave his home and live on his own due to an unexpected turn of events.

Although this webtoon is new, the story picks up from the beginning. So far, every chapter is filled with events that further the plot. The art is unique and is perfect for the thriller genre.


I Love Yoo

I Love Yoo is a romance and comedy comic by the screen name Quimchee and updates every Friday. The main character of the comic is named Yoo Shin-Ae, a 17-year-old high school student. She experiences pain and misfortune from the beginning of her life. She decided that she wants nothing to do with romance and others, for that matter. But everything changes when she ruins an unsuspecting strangers’ clothes. This webtoon is very sad at the beginning; nevertheless, it is filled with funny moments and heartwarming scenes. The characters are easy to fall in love with and have personalities that seem real.

Super Secret

Super Secret is by Eon and updates every Wednesday. This romance, fantasy webtoon is a favorite of many due to the lovable characters and the cute art style. The story is about Emma and Ryan, next door neighbors and best friends. If you want to learn more about the comic, I suggest to go read it for yourself, you won’t regret it.  


Let’s Play

Let’s Play, by Mongie, is a romance comic that updates every Tuesday.  The story revolves around Sam, an aspiring game developer, that published her first game. A popular gaming personality, basically a Youtuber, posts a video of him playing the game and gives it a bad review, accidentally sending his millions of fans to review the game badly as well. Sam later finds out that he is her new neighbor! “Let’s Play” is all about gaming, memes, and social anxiety.


Boyfriend of the Dead

Have you ever found yourself in the zombie apocalypse, killing the undead, when all of a sudden a zombie befriends you! No? Well, for the girl in the comic, it’s a yes! As she struggles to survive, she ends up finding herself a zombie boyfriend. This amazing comical tale is by author Ushio and updates every Tuesday and Friday. This is a very simple and funny tale. The art is amazing, yet simple at the same time.


Gourmet Hound

Gourmet Hound is a drama comic by Leehama, it updates every Wednesday and Sunday. Lucy is a young adult with an extreme sense of taste and smell. She finds out that her favorite restaurant has changed their kitchen staff. She wants to find the identity of the chef whose cooking she fell in love with. The art and humor of this story is fantastic, and the plot is very unique. The characters feel as if they are real, and as you keep reading chapter after chapter, you feel like you are learning more about them.


My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

This slice of life comic is by the talented author Fishball, it updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It tells short stories of Fishball and her giant nerd boyfriend.


Melvina’s Therapy (Foul Language)

Melvina’s Therapy is a horror comic by A.Rasen; it updates every Thursday. The description of the story is “Anxiety, loneliness, depression…with a regular therapy you can deal with these issues, but Melvina’s Therapy is about something deeper: creepy secrets remaining in the darkest space of your mind, waiting for you.” This description perfectly fitsthe comic. It features different therapies that reveal more and more about Melvina, the therapist, and her story. The amazingly creepy story is perfect for any horror fan.


Siren’s Lament (Romance)

Siren’s Lament, by Instantmiso, is a romance story that updates every Saturday. It is currently in its second season. Lyra, the main character, lives an ordinary and comfortable lifestyle. She accidentally plunges into the world of sirens. Siren’s Lament is an amazing story with wonderful art; the characters are lovable and funny.


unOrdinary (Foul Language)

This fantasy story is by Uru-chan and updates every Thursday. It takes place in a world where everyone has a special ability. John is the only student in his school who doesn’t have an ability, known as a “cripple”. He becomes the best friend of the most powerful student in the school. In the story, we find out John’s backstory and the challenges he faces in his high school life.


If you are impatient with waiting for updates, there are complete stories that you can read straight through. Here are five great completed webtoons.



unTouchable, by massstar, is about a modern-day vampire named Sia Lee, modern vampires  who absorb energy from humans by touching them instead of drinking their blood. When she accidentally touches her germaphobe neighbor Jiho, she is addicted to his energy. Sia must find out a way to get more of his energy. The story has 140 episodes and is a romance story. It is an amazing story that I personally feel like is a classic on Webtoon.



ORANGE MARMALADE, by Seokwoo, is yet another story about vampires, but in this world, humans fully know that vampires exist. And while some are no longer afraid of vampires, some do discriminate against them. Mari Baek, a vampire high school student, falls in love with a popular boy who hates vampires. She must hide her identity in order for them to be a couple. This webtoon has 119 episodes. Like “unTouchable”, this comic is a classic.


Where Tangents Meet

Where Tangents Meet is yet another romance comic. Created by instantmiso, the same author of “Siren’s Lament”, it tells the story of Landon and Rachelle as they fall in love with one another. As they learn more about each other, the more they discover about themselves. This webtoon has 39 episodes and some of the episodes feature music. Although “Where Tangents Meet” has nothing to do with math at all, it is a heartwarming story of love.


Bastard (Foul Language)

Bastard is by the same authors of Home, Sweet Home, Youngchan Hwang and Carnby Kim. The art style is very similar, and the same muted tones are used in both comics. This freaky thriller comic is centered around a boy who has a serial killer as a father. I suggest not reading this at night because of the terrifying art and the horrific content that is featured. To understand the whole thing, you have to read it. It is a perfect read for anyone who enjoys horror and/or thrillers. It has 93 episodes that are filled with exciting and equally terrifying things.


Illustrated Internet

Illustrated Internet is by Dami Lee. Lee takes tweets, Tumblr text posts, and other gems onthe web and transforms them into comic form! If you are looking for a quick and funny read, Illustrated Internet is perfect for you!


The Discover section of Webtoon is their free and open platform for creators to publish their comics and connect with millions of readers. Most featured comics beginning on Discover. Here are some Discover stories that I think need more attention and are just as amazing as the ones that are Featured.


Toaster Dude

Toaster Dude is a superhero, comedy story made by Soaporsalad. The story is about Dude, who had a simple goal: own a toaster. When he finally fulfilled his dream, things go wrong. The simple doodle-like drawings and the excellent dialogue and story go together perfectly. And it has puns, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t read it!


Fictional Skin

Fictional Skin is created by an amazing author and artist named Kristina N. It focuses on a young girl trying to get through middle school, her cousin who is trying to hide his nerdy identity, and a video game character look alike. The story and characters are amazing and are very relatable (in some ways).


Sunny Side Skies

Sunny Side Skies is a comedy, slice of life webtoon. This story is by the same author of Toaster Dude, Soaporsalad. It is about a “detached and lacking direction in life” barista named Adam and polar opposite Chase. The updates for the comic is very short and sweet, the art style is very different than to author’s other comic.



Flowerpot is by the same author as Gourmet Hound, Leehama. The story is in a world where there is a strange disease that causes flowers to grow from their body. Ben was the first person to be infected with the disease, growing dandelions from his head every spring and summer. For the next ten years, he accepts that some people will keep their distance due to his dandelions.