Plans for Winter Break

Ariana Parizadeh, Staff Writer

With winter break right around the corner, the average student has a pretty good idea as to what their plans are for those two weeks. So when I went around campus and asked a few freshmen the same question, “What are your plans for winter break?” I received a variety of answers. Although all the students’ responses were quite different, their spirit and excitement for the holiday season were clearly displayed throughout all of their responses.

A majority of the freshman students had plans at home vs the few who are traveling. Sean Moore explained how he was going to Hawaii with his relatives for the nice weather, beautiful atmosphere, and some family bonding time. Another student, freshman Kayin Hall, said he was going to drive up to San Francisco simply to explore the city. Seven students did not have any plans to travel; however, five of the seven have plans with their families at home as well as driving to other local places and getting some shopping done.

“This winter break I’m going to spend some time with family I haven’t seen in awhile,” German Burris, a freshman, explained. Sean Hancock, a freshman, said that he and his family are planning on “spending the 16 days sleeping, eating every last bit of food at home, and finishing a few seasons of their favorite shows”. Another freshman, Neha Athavale said “I’m just using winter break as a time to relax and get ahead with my schoolwork.”

No matter what it is that you may be doing over winter break, what’s important is that you’re having fun and making memories with your loved ones. And for those who do not celebrate Christmas, these two weeks are a great time to celebrate the end of the first semester as well as finals, meaning a clean slate and a time to set some goals and aim for higher expectations. While it is great to lie back and chill, don’t put these weeks to waste. Just remember, have fun, be productive, and have a Happy Holidays!