Animal Crossing

Cassidy Chhay, Staff Writer

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp reminds many players of their older Animal Crossing games and engages new players in the franchise. The game has many similarities from the past games such as befriending neighborly animals, collecting fruit, hunting bugs, and customizing your living space. Although the game play is held back by the limitations of the device, it is very entertaining to play.

Gaining goals for yourself is easy because the world is easily segmented into activity-based locations. This setup limits the freedoms of past games, but having each activity tied to a location makes it very easy to get certain bugs, fruit, and fish.

The game does take a drain from the phone’s battery life especially when playing for an extended amount of time, even when on power-saving mode. The loading screens in between each scene are quite annoying and frustrating, especially if you are only playing for a short amount of time. Another downside to the game is that you always need an online connection in order to play, which is very inconvenient if you want to play on a plane or with no internet or service.

The pace of reward and objective is very nice as both are timed. The time-based daily goals are also nice with the balance of reward and objective. The game is somewhat repetitive, as to level up you need to complete objectives from your animal neighbors. And after each objective, you are given something and the cycle repeats itself.

So overall, the game is very simple to use and has a very similar gameplay to the past Animal Crossing games. Although the game eats up battery life and is somewhat repetitive, the balance between goals, objectives, and rewards is pleasant.