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Commitment Feature: Virshank Biju

Lea Wang
Track and Field Coach Christopher Schultz stands next to Biju as he signs.

Securing a spot at an Ivy League institution like Brown University is a rare opportunity for athletes. However, this will be the upcoming reality for one track and field senior. On Apr. 18, Student-athlete Vrishank Biju committed to Brown University to pursue his passion for shot put and discus, as well as his academic endeavors. 

Besides just Brown, Biju was in communication with a multitude of prestigious institutions like CalTech, Johns Hopkins, Carnegie Mellon, UChicago, and UPenn. However, it wasn’t merely about choosing a school; it was about finding the perfect fit. After thoughtful consideration and engaging conversations with coaches and athletes at Brown, Biju knew this was the right choice for him. 

“It was one of the schools I received an offer from, so after talking to the coaches and the athletes on the team there, I believed this was the place that would fit me the best,” said Biju.  

From an early age, Biju explored a range of sports, including soccer, track and field, baseball, and volleyball. Although he started out in track and field competing in running and hurdling events, it wasn’t until seventh grade, prompted by a running injury at age 12, that he discovered throwing events. Transitioning exclusively to throwing from middle school onward, Biju dedicated his focus and efforts to mastering this discipline. Yet even then, it wasn’t until junior year when he started to take it more seriously. 

“I’ve always wanted to do sports in college, so junior year [when] I started getting offers I started taking it a lot more seriously,” said Biju.

But his breakout season was not without challenges. Biju had to overcome another obstacle right before the season started his junior year. 

“I dropped a dumbbell on my finger and it took me out,” said Biju.

This injury ordered him to rest for several weeks, coinciding with the period when coaches began to take notice of him and express interest. Despite this setback, Biju managed to excel and make a strong impression upon his return.

“Seeing how many instances of hard work he had put in without breaks we are so very proud of him, since it isn’t easy being a student athlete. He worked for his grades as well as his sport. I was proud to see him go on,” said Ms. Snigdha Biju, his mother. 

Ms. Biju also elaborated on the emotions the family felt that day when Biju got his acceptance. 

“We were very close to tears, but we were trying to hold ourselves together. But I’m sure that when he finally moves out, there will be tears,” said Ms. Biju. 

Beyond the track aspect, Vrishank excelled academically, as attested to by his teachers. Ms. Neda Kuso, his AP Environmental Science instructor, praised his leadership and teamwork during the big gardening project in second semester, highlighting his ability to navigate challenges and foster collaboration. 

“He was amazing as a student. During the project he would always be the main guy; he would make sure everyone would be doing what they were supposed to be doing. Also, he would take care of a lot of the issues his team experienced [during the project], like bugs. He just really knew how to be a team player,” said Ms. Kuso

Similarly, Ms. Yumiko Goto, his AP Physics C teacher, commended his diligence and focus in class, recognizing his commitment to both academics and athletics.

“He tried to participate in all the activities in class, and he would take all the notes in class. He would try to stay on task all the time, which is the key to success or otherwise he would get behind,” said Ms. Goto.

When asked if he has any advice for future or inspiring student-athletes, Biju touched on the importance of reaching out to coaches. 

“Reach out to coaches, if they don’t respond to you, keep it up, since a lot of the coaches are busy, and it takes a lot of tries before they actually respond,” said Biju.

Biju’s commitment is a story of years of dedication and resilience. We wish Biju the best of luck with his passion for athletics and academics as a Bear at Brown University! 



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