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AUSD Schools Shine Onstage At The Annual Spring Show

Applause reverberated through the packed North Gym as the talented students took their bows, beaming at the audience after their performances. Arcadia High School (AHS) Color Guard held its 41st Annual Spring Show on May. 4, featuring multiple Color Guard and musical groups from AHS, Dana Middle School (DMS), Foothills Middle School (FMS), First Avenue Middle School (FAMS), and Hugo Reid Elementary School. Throughout the show, friends and family sent “air-grams” as words of encouragement for the performers, fostering a sense of support from the audience. 

Arcadia High School’s A-line Percussion, World Guard, and World Line Percussion captivated the audience with their level of dedication, effort, and high performance quality onstage. AHS is one of the two schools in America whose Color Guard and Percussion groups are Winter Guard International (WGI) finalists. This year, World Guard brought home silver in the WGI competition. Hours of hard work poured into each performance was evident in the execution of all three groups.

World Guard brought two wonderful routines to the show, including I’ve Seen it All, which brought back silver in WGI. Each performer’s impeccable technique made them stand out and highlighted their complex movements.

“When I heard that Arcadia scored 96.7, my jaw dropped. I was very surprised with the score the team received, as we have never placed so high before,” reflected team member freshman Jennifer Nie. “My body had so many mixed emotions, and I had excited chills coming from head to toe as my team and I received our silver medals.”

Nie also shared her experience of being part of the team and how it has positively impacted her growth as an individual.

“Throughout the Color Guard journey, I’ve learned how to be a performer and a good team member,” said Nie. “From the facial expressions I put on to giving words of encouragement to my team, I believe I’ve learned a lot through being on this team. The upperclassmen have always been my role model, and I look up to them as motivation to push myself to be better.”

A-line Percussion’s show was Roses Among Thorns, which, according to team member freshman Oliver Asuncion,“was titled after the roses that appear throughout the show, in contrast to the aggressive playing style.” 

“On a deeper level, however, roses among thorns is a metaphor for the hundreds of hours spent perfecting our craft in a never-ending cycle to make our end result as best it can possibly be,” Asuncion said.

Asuncion further shares his journey of being on the team as being nothing short of amazing.

He illustrates the value of teamwork and the power of collaboration, reflecting on his experience of being in the team and how it has “brought meaning” to his freshman year. 

“Our season has been a highlight of my life so far. The team spent hours upon hours dedicated to building something beautiful,” stated Asuncion. “We’ve poured blood, sweat, and tears since November, and I wouldn’t want things to happen any other way. The bonds I’ve made with my newfound friends are like no other, and it feels like we’re a family now.”

World Line Percussion performed Phase, which refers to the “different phases of life and the ups and downs in them, as there’s yellow and gray on the floor representing happiness and sadness,” said team member sophomore Sean Chen. 

“The show developed as the season went on and built upon itself, so our journey was shown within it. The final performance was our “phase” throughout the season, growing and working together,” said percussion team member junior Joshua Kim. “There are some dark parts of the show that convey the hardships of moving from one phase to another. Then, by the end of the show, we stepped out of our comfort zone and accepted this new phase of life.”

Both groups had impressive stamina, producing incredible music while moving into various formations and utilizing props to convey their respective messages.

Talent was evident within the middle schools as well. DMS’ Winter Guard began with a routine to Spinneret Serenade, utilizing time and space throughout their time on the floor. FMS brought its Pom, Hip Hop, and Jazz teams. All three routines– Emergency, Hot, and Goosebumps, respectively– demonstrated their consistency, and the animation they brought to the show was greatly appreciated. FAMS’ Varsity and Junior Varsity (JV) Winter Guard teams embodied creativity in their routines. JV performed to Perfect Night, while Varsity took a spookier turn with Hush. FMS and FAMS brought their Drumlines, bringing budding talent center stage with renditions of Foothills Cadence Loop, Mr. Clean, Drip, and Fall Cadence. 

With an adorable entrance, Hugo Reid Elementary School’s Marimba Club played Buya Africa and Jaguarundi. The students jumped away enthusiastically, striking the marimba and shaking their maracas in rhythm. Parents pulled out their phones to keep the moment forever, and the spectators clapped along in encouragement. 

The evening successfully showcased each school’s hard work and allowed them to display their incredible persistence and dedication to their crafts. 

After the Spring Show, the Arcadia World Guard left the audience in awe with their stunning choreography and flag-tossing to Secret Love Song. As the performance came to a close, the team had a heartwarming surprise in store for their graduating seniors, Madeline Lim and Edwin Lin. A beautiful poster crafted by the team was presented, marked with the phrase, “We’ll miss you, Madeline & Edwin!”

Team member senior Edwin Lin shared how he “knew [the team] was planning something because they’d kick [Lim and me] out of the room to practice or work on the poster. I didn’t expect all the sweet messages since I’ve only been in Color Guard for less than two months, but everyone had something kind to say, which I deeply appreciate.”

“By the end of our Dayton trip, I had formed friendships with nearly everyone,” said Lin. “Though my season was shorter, it was an unforgettable experience thanks to the supportive team that I had the privilege of being a part of. The Spring Show marked a perfect end, with my friends witnessing my performance live for the first time.”

The relationship between the senior members and the underclassmen on the Color Guard team has undoubtedly become stronger throughout the season. Freshman Kailyn Chu recently reflected on how the positive influence of Lim and Lin has significantly impacted her overall experience with the team.

“[Lim] and [Lin] both made this season so much more fun and interesting. [Lim] is so funny and always makes me laugh, which is helpful when things get tough during practice. She has a really bubbly personality, which helps us get along well,” said team member freshman Kailyn Chu. “As for [Lin], he has such a goofy personality, and I really enjoy being around him! Being his partner during some parts of the show was very challenging, but he helped me a lot throughout the season, which I deeply appreciate. I will really miss them!”



Photo Courtesy of DCI.

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