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Orchesis “Forces of Nature” Q&A


Q: How long did you spend preparing for the show and how did you manage your time given your busy schedules?

Junior Carmen Bermejo (Member Relations Officer): Honestly, I think we spent the entire year preparing for the show and it really got hectic these last two months because we nailed it in, especially because we’re here until 10 every day just rehearsing for it. In terms of managing my schedule, it’s just doing your homework and planning it out early. For example, we have a calendar that has most of the schedules and most of the rehearsals on it. That is something I use that kind of helps me, and just finding pockets throughout the day so I don’t have to do it later is honestly something that helps me the most.

Junior Nicole Ying (Secretary): We started 8 months before the show, and we have a calendar that lists all of the dates, and I think the biggest quality you learn in Orchesis is definitely your time management. Orchesis forces you to have good time management because of all the rehearsal dates and all the late night rehearsals, and the other thing is just using your time wisely like when you have a break time in between dances, you can do your homework or whatever assignment you have insteading of sitting there chatting with friends. You do sleep later, but I think the biggest thing is not procrastinating and making sure you know your capabilities and what you can do with the time given.

Q: How do you feel you did on your performances, and is there anything you would do differently/work on?

Bermejo: I think I did pretty good, especially opening night and closing nights were my best nights. In the future, I definitely want to work on calming my nerves better because for some reason being super nervous on Friday night just didn’t help me as much but when I felt grounded on closing night I could just feel the energy from everyone else, it made everything a lot better.

Ying: I honestly feel like this year’s performance was really good, and opening and closing nights were definitely my stronger suits. One thing I would change is probably our time coming up to those rehearsals because this year definitely took longer than last year like these quick changes, we were kind of slow at that part, but I think having the process go faster is something I want to work on.

Q: What are your favorite genres of dance and why?

Bermejo: My favorite genres are contemporary and also hip hop. Hip hop because it’s just so much energy, and it’s just so fun to do; I think the crowd really likes it, and it brings the hype. Contemporary just because I like the delicate movement the most; it’s very flowy, and I think it encapsulates me the best.

Ying: I would actually have to say hip hop and contemporary as well because your body moves in such an intricate way, and I think it’s really cool to let your body move in a way that you don’t really move it in other styles. I just love contemporary because it’s just sad and love, and expressing sad emotions.

Q: What was the most memorable part about this show? How do you think this show was different compared to previous Orchesis shows?

Bermejo: The most memorable part of the show was honestly hanging out with all my friends, making small mistakes, and laughing along the way, and just getting to hangout with friends is just so fun. This year had a lot more props compared to last year.

Ying: I think this year the company is overall really bonded; last year it wasn’t as together. But this year during shows because you’re with everyone for so long, you just being around other people, and you being able to interact with other people just makes everyone become closer. They’re lowkey your second family just because you spend so much time with them. You spend more time with them in the month of April than your family, and I think that was definitely my favorite part with all of the other memorable things that happened.

Q: What were your favorite routines from the show?

Bermejo: My favorite routine was definitely “Rush,” which was the hip hop routine, and I also really enjoyed “Hope” and “Set Fire to the Rain.” “Hope” and “Set Fire to the Rain” are both contemporary pieces.

Ying: My personal favorite routine will always be “Bittersweet Memories,” it’s a contemporary piece, and I think this one is just a vulnerable and heartfelt dance, especially for the dancers. You’re really able to be vulnerable and release your emotions, and the movements just flow so nicely.

Q: How do you feel about Mrs. Tedford’s retirement, and how has she positively impacted you?

Bermejo: I am proud of her for all she’s done. I think she has contributed a lot these past few years, and I honestly would not have joined Orchesis without her. Genuinely, she was one of the people that really wanted me to join, and I honestly hope that she continues to inspire others after she retires, keeps focus within the dancing community, watches all her favorite shows, and visits us.

Ying: I feel like it’s definitely a step that’s so unknown just because she’s been here for so long, and she’s done so much for this company, and I appreciate that about her so much. Like she literally made Orchesis from the roots and from the ground, and it’s just so amazing. I have so much respect for her and the fact that she created such an amazing and successful dance company through what used to be nothing. She’s just always persevered, and even her alums now; they’ve done so many great things, and she’s taught so many students, and all these students are so successful. I think that’s what I respect about her a lot.



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