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AHS Orchesis Ignites the Stage with “Forces of Nature”

This spring, Arcadia High School’s (AHS) Orchesis Dance Company put together a showcase titled “Forces of Nature.” Taking place in the Performing Arts Center Apr. 25, Apr. 26, and Apr. 27, the showcase featured performances of all the Orchesis members. Orchesis is the most advanced dance group at AHS.

“I am so proud to be a part of this year’s amazing spring production, Forces of Nature,” sophomore Penny Chen said. She accounted for the difficulties she faced with the process. “The challenges we faced as a company strengthened the bond of all 28 dancers and encouraged us to be our best selves, on and off stage. I am beyond grateful to have had the privilege of dancing amongst the other 27 extraordinary dancers this year.”

The show was full of dynamic dances and passionate emotions which allowed the audience to connect with the dancers. The production of this show was fully student-run. The production consisted of 28 dancers and 25 backstage crew members who are also students of AHS. There was featured choreography from the dancers as well as professional choreographers.

The show was full of powerful music and various genres. The breathtaking performances navigated the four forces of nature; Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind.

“I [was] excited because this [was] my first spring show and all the dancers [had] been working hard to make this show a success!” sophomore Charis Chuang said.

The dancers prepared the entire year for this performance.The styles ranged from hip-hop to jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and modern.

“Orchesis has been very fun and valuable, as I made many friendships along the way. My favorite dance is called ‘Bittersweet Memories’ because I love the song and the beautiful dance,” said sophomore Hazel Jung.

Along with all the Orchesis members, students in the backstage crew have also been working extremely hard to make the production a success. Freshman Amanda Djuandi accounted for her first year in backstage crew and the new experience.

“Backstage crew was genuinely an incredibly unique experience that I have zero regrets doing. It was rough at the beginning, having to get used to new people and organizing everything so that we could work things out with the Orchesis girls, but it was 100% worth it to me,” Djuandi said. She wished she could’ve spent more time with everyone there and wouldn’t, “have traded this opportunity for anything in the world.”

Overall, the Orchesis spring production was a success, and Orchesis will continue to work hard to ensure that their passion for dance and dedication to excellence shines through in every performance. As they take their final bows on stage, the Orchesis members carry with them the memories of countless hours of rehearsal, the camaraderie forged through shared challenges, and the joy of expressing themselves through movement.

Photo courtesy of @arcadiaunified on Instagram

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