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Arcadia Color Guard Shines at World Championships

Dayton, Ohio – The Winter Guard International (WGI) World Championships were abuzz with excitement as Arcadia High School’s Color Guard took center stage at the University of Dayton Arena on Apr. 12 and 13. Competing in the prestigious Scholastic World division, Arcadia High School secured an impressive second-place position after Thursday’s preliminary, the highest place the team has placed in Arcadia history, and boasting a commendable score of 92.90.

The performers started preparing for the WGI World Championships in June 2023, and dedicated their summer to working on their skills and techniques. 

“Everyone tries to be the best they can be at spinning by the time November comes…we start to plan our winter guard show and…showcase all the techniques we have trained for throughout the year,” shared Senior Madeline Lim.

In the weeks leading up to the competition, Arcadia’s Color Guard underwent a lot of mental preparation, learning to calm their nerves and transform them into confidence. They embraced a mindset of control through a saying: “Fly the butterflies in formation.”

“Flying them into formation meant that we could control our feelings and…our nerves, turning them into confidence which we can utilize in our show,” stated junior Lyann Chu.

This approach not only allowed them to conquer their nerves but also empowered them to deliver performances infused with grace. 

Their show was titled “I’ve Seen it All,” with music written by Björk and chosen by Color Guard Director Anthony Garcia. Björk’s composition delves into the depths of human experience, portraying the journey of a girl confronting blindness. 

“[Essentially], we were in a sense performing her memories and telling her story,” stated Chu.

When they took the stage at the University of Dayton Arena, Arcadia’s Color Guard was met by thousands of spectators consisting of family, friends, and students. While regional competitions draw a sizable crowd, the WGI Championships elevate the atmosphere to unprecedented heights. When the arena is packed with approximately 13,000 attendees, the stakes are higher, the energy palpable. 

At the close of the night’s exhilarating second place trophy, Color Guard celebrated a significant achievement: Lim was awarded the prestigious WGI Scholarship,an annual scholarship given to three dedicated performers. Students are chosen by their directors, send in their transcripts and two letters of recommendation, and write three 250-word essays. 

Reflecting on their journey, Lim expressed her gratitude for the close-knit team dynamic that characterized her Color Guard experience.

“I will mostly miss the connection I have with all my teammates. We spend so many hours in rehearsal together, and the whole team feels…like a family.” Lim said. “Before every performance, there is so much love and positive energy being spread.”

With that announcement, Arcadia’s Color Guard season draws to a close. Congratulations to your big win Color Guard!


Photos courtesy of Arcadia Color Guard

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