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Arcadia Goes Up Against Crescenta Valley in A Thrilling Game of Softball


The Arcadia High School (AHS) Varsity Softball Team faced off against the Crescenta Valley High School (CVHS) Falcons in a game that left everyone on the edge of their seats till the very end. The final score was 2-4 to CV, but our Lady Apaches demonstrated remarkable perseverance and effort, and they continue to grow as a team.

The first inning started off slow, and both teams each successfully struck out three players from their opponent, ending the inning quickly. Crescenta Valley created short, creative cheers for each of their girls, keeping morale up as the spectators looked on and yelled encouragement. The Falcons and the Apaches were neck-and-neck, their skills on par, making it difficult for either team to score any runs. 

“What stood out to me most of the game was how both teams were back and forth, fighting through innings one through four,” said senior and third base player Virginia Garcia Torres.

During the second inning, CVHS came in strong with their batting, but Arcadia’s fielders reciprocated with extremely strong defense as well, and kept the score at 0-0. When it was their turn to bat, the Lady Apaches cheered on for their batters, hyping them up throughout the half of the inning.

The two teams matched each other in focus and consistency all the way up to the 4th inning, keeping the score tied. It became difficult to tell who would complete the first run, and the audience was growing increasingly excited.

“Some weaknesses of CVHS are their defensive errors,” said sophomore and second base player Peyton Fox. “[However], they have strong, consistent hits.”

When the fifth inning came around, so did renewed energy from both Arcadia and Crescenta Valley. However, with a powerful bat, a CVHS batter launched the ball across the field, sliding onto the home plate and successfully completing the first home run, putting them in the lead. Soon after, they scored a second run, putting the score at 0-2.

“I feel like this year for Arcadia, our weakness has been offense, and it’s been very on-and-off, and unfortunately in this game we were off. Usually CVHS is a very good hitting team, and they’re very well rounded,” Garcia Torres said. 

“During this game, we were focusing on hitting, as we have very good defense, and it’s never been a struggle for us,” she added.

Arcadia continued to put up a solid fight, and in the sixth and seventh innings, succeeded in two thrilling runs. As the afternoon grew hotter, so did the excitement for what was to come. Arcadia was able to hold their own, but ultimately CVHS prevailed, ending the seventh inning with a final score of 2-4. Arcadia’s defense was strong, and the Apaches embrace their strengths, so they’re continuing to work on their offense and striving to be even more consistent in the future. Both teams showed spirited effort and worked as a unit, embodying what it means to be an athlete.

Photo by Jayeesha Deb

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