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Arcadia Badminton Team Faces Off Against San Marino

Lea Wang

Arcadia High School’s (AHS) JV and Varsity Badminton teams secured a victory of 21-0 against San Marino High School in their first league game held at their home court on Mar. 18. The electric atmosphere pulsed through the gym, setting the stage for intense competition across the eight courts allocated for the event.

“Everyone was really supportive during the game today,” expressed senior Kaylee Chang, Team Captain of the Girls Varsity Badminton team. “We played really well, but there were just some games that were a little bit tricky.”

The game featured a variety of matches, including mixed games, doubles, and singles. As the matches progressed, Arcadia strategically took command of the game. San Marino put up a valiant effort throughout the game, demonstrating their unwavering determination and resilience as they went head-to-head with Arcadia.

“Our teammates were supportive, and we played pretty well,” said senior Amanda Chang. “It was a nice match with another school.”

While Arcadia demonstrated dominance, there were moments of challenge and hardship in several matches. Certain San Marino players proved to be formidable opponents, challenging Arcadia’s skills and determination. However, the resilience of Arcadia’s team shone through as they tackled each obstacle with determination and composure.

“While we played an overall pretty good game today, there were a few issues with some of the games where we didn’t really think through our shot placement properly,” reflected sophomore Brian Yuan. “Regardless of that, I think our consistency was pretty good throughout all of our games.”

As the final matches concluded and the players shook hands in a display of sportsmanship, it was clear that both teams had given their all on the court.

“San Marino was our first league game, and there were a couple of close calls and a tight second set in my mixed game,” reflected junior Vivian Pei, “but overall, it went well.”

In the end, Arcadia emerged victorious in their home game against San Marino with a score of 21-0. Their skillful performances and unwavering determination remain a testament to their dedication to the sport. 

“I think we did quite well. Mostly, the other team doesn’t have players that can match our skill level,” stated JV Head Coach Derrick Nguyen. “The areas of progress to focus on [next] for our players are a handful of things per individual player.”

As the team sets its sights on future competitions, the Apaches continue to hone their skills and build upon their successes. With a strong foundation and a supportive team dynamic, they are prepared to tackle new challenges with confidence and determination. The Apaches’ commitment to continuous improvement will undoubtedly lead to more victories in the seasons to come. We wish you the best of luck!

Photo by Sydney Chau

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