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Spring Traditions Around the World


As we begin to approach spring, people start feeling the sense of rebirth associated with the season. David G. Allan from CNN describes, “Ah, spring. It’s our season of hope, holding a promise that change is a-comin’, for the better. The river will “flow again after it was frozen,”  All around the world, cultures celebrate the incoming of the new season differently. In the U.S., that means celebrating Groundhog Day and spring cleaning. But what other traditions do people take part in around the world?

The Netherlands: Bloemencorso Bollenstreek

This tradition entails a 12-hour parade ending in Haarlem and starting in Noordwijk. The parade is called the Flower Parade of the Bollenstreek, known for the beautiful array of flowers exhibited on the floats. Many spectators watch the parade as it makes its way on its long journey. 

“At first glimpse, this looks like an event I’d really love to attend at least once in my lifetime. As someone who has traveled to over ten countries, this extravaganza seems very special and very significant to the Netherlands’ culture.  I would love to connect with locals, their culture, and try their other customs when I travel there,” said junior Ariel Lew. 

Japan: Hanami

One of Japan’s “trademarks” are its gorgeous cherry blossom flowers and trees, most popularly known for their pink hue. In Hanami, parties and picnics are held to commemorate the incoming of a new season, as many rush to see cherry blossoms specifically when they are in full bloom. 

“The cherry blossoms in Japan are so, so beautiful. I loved looking at them,” said freshman Chloe Chan, who visited Japan during Hanami. 

Bulgaria: Baba Marta

Baba Marta is celebrated every year on March 1st, and is based on Bulgarian folklore. In these traditions, Baba Marta is meant to symbolize an elderly woman, and people are encouraged to participate in good deeds to make her happy or else face her punishment of a longer winter. To do this, Bulgarians decorate trees with red and white yarn and string, make and wear red and white bracelets, and hand out red and white symbols to friends meant to highlight the importance of peace.

“I think in Chinese culture that is also very true, especially in family. Before Chinese poeple lived these poverished life styles as Chinese people were farmers. They needed winter to stop to grow proper crops, and so they wouldn’t act badly to help their lifestyle” stated freshman Connor Lam.

 Mexico: Teotihuacán Pyramid Tradition

This tradition focuses on the communal aspect of welcoming Spring. On an annual basis, people dress in white at the Teotihuacán Pyramid, and climb to the top of it. This is meant to focus on being closer to the sun, which is supposed to show the sub’s gradual increase in presence in Spring. 

Freshman Emily Santiago states, “It’s a really unique tradition that I haven’t heard of in other places. It sounds really nice to come together.”

The Netherlands: The Tulip Festival

In Lisse, more specifically Keukenhof Gardens, the Tulip Festival has millions of people visiting the exhibition on an annual basis. The festival is meant to highlight specifically the importance of eco-friendly practices. At the festival, attendees can watch performances and observe artwork, especially those of the floral kind. 

“There are a lot of flowers, and they are really pretty in the spring, especially because it is blooming season. Everyone should go see the flowers because it is a tourist attraction. Our country makes a lot of profits based off tulip experiences, so [attractions like these are] good for the economy too,” said sophomore Kevin Lu. 

Even in this small number of examples, one can truly see how different places celebrate the incoming of a new season. For many, spring invites feelings of renewal and change from the winter. All around the world, cultures try to encapsulate this same feeling of rebirth through their own traditions.


Photo Courtesy of UNSPLASH.COM

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