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French Club Takes on Diversi-Cheese Week

Sydney Chau

Arcadia High School ASB presented Diversity Week from Mar. 4 to 8, a celebration aimed at fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for the diverse cultures within the school community. As part of this exciting week, the French Club hosted a unique event in the Rally Court that combined two delightful experiences– cheese tasting and origami. 

“We hosted this event for the students of Arcadia to have a taste of French culture,” said French Club member senior Amira Collins, adding, “This is only a bit of what we do in French Club, and we explore lots more about French culture [in the club].” 

French cuisine is a source of fascination for many people, and one of the best ways to experience it is by indulging in cheese tasting. In France, cheese is not just a side dish, rather, it’s a dessert that holds its own special place on the table. After dinner, it’s common for French people to indulge in a selection of cheeses instead of traditional desserts like cake or cookies.

“I think that this event is very cool because we get to see different cultures. Through this fun bonding event you also get to explore different identities and cultures,” said freshman Iris Loong. 

The French Club, in its effort to introduce students to this delectable aspect of French culture, showcased two popular cheeses: Brie and Jarlsberg. Brie, a soft and creamy cheese, can be commonly found in [the US] and France, offering an approachable yet authentic taste. On the other hand, Jarlsberg is known for its distinctive sweet and nutty flavor. It has a smooth, creamy texture and offers a unique taste for students. 

“As a student, I think we all love [French] gastronomy and food culture. There was a bunch of French cheese that we wanted everyone to try, but today, we only have Brie and Jarlsberg,” said French club member senior Grace Yang, adding, “We hope that everyone is able to experience a small part of French culture, and for the freshmen who are so considering a language, consider taking French because there are lots of food days where we bake French cuisine.”

An origami session, complementing the cheese tasting, is offered where students can learn the art of folding mini French figurines. Origami, the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, plays its role well in the exploration of French culture. The activity added a touch of hands-on creativity to the event, allowing students to combine both Japanese and French elements to their unique art pieces. 

Students participate in origami-folding.

“I think having the opportunity to try different cheeses makes this a really cool event. Origami is also fun, and I’ve done it before as a kid, so it brings back good memories,” said freshman Sreekar Raja. 

Beyond the delightful activities, the French Club aims to break down stereotypes about French culture, like how French people are ‘rude’. The club hopes to create awareness and encourage students to explore French traditions. The impact is not only about cultural understanding but also about fostering an interest in the French language program, encouraging students to appreciate all aspects of French culture. 

“We’re hosting this in order to bring kind of more awareness about French culture on campus because I think it’s usually pretty stigmatized… not a lot of people know about the French culture as it is,” senior Ekaterina Medvedeva said. “I want [students] to actually submerge themselves in the culture and experience more than the images they usually see.”

In the spirit of Diversity Week, the cheese tasting and origami event hosted by the French Club was a fun and enlightening experience for all participants. Through food and art, students had the chance to delve into the heart of French culture, fostering a greater appreciation for the diversity in the school community.

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