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Class of 2024 Gets “Ready to Roll” Out of High School


In a delightful and delicious celebration, Arcadia High School’s (AHS) Class of 2024 rolled into the mid-year with their Ready to Roll event on Feb. 9. As exciting music played in the background, students lined up for food, enjoyed their treats on benches with friends, and participated in various activities. The event successfully blended food, entertainment, and community, creating an unforgettable experience for the Class of 2024. 

“We love to always have an artsy, crafty element in each of our bonding events, as well as some more active ones like spike ball and bowling,” shared ASB Senior Public Relations Jacob Lee. “[We also included] food because everyone loves food, so it just kind of tied everything together.”

The event, hosted by the ASB Senior Council, was designed to keep students engaged and excited as they navigate through the busy academic year. 

“The event [was] really fun,” senior Kaelyn Le commented. “I feel like many of the students are interested in hanging out with their friends and being able to talk to other people, too.”

With senior week approaching, the Ready to Roll event marked a midway point for the graduating class to come together, have fun, and build lasting memories.

“I feel like this event does a great job of bringing people together. The food [was] really good, and I really liked the cinnamon rolls, especially with the glaze they put on top,” senior Taylor Thanh Vo stated. 

Food stole the spotlight at the celebration, featuring an assortment of cylindrical foods like California rolls, cucumber rolls, veggie egg rolls, and cinnamon rolls. Pink and regular lemonade provided a refreshing break, complementing the delicious rolls and enhancing the overall atmosphere.

“We tried to incorporate a variety of activities and foods that resonate with our theme. We also tried to make a connection to the classes, like how seniors are getting to “‘roll’ out of high school and into the world,” ASB Senior Council President Jeremiah Jun remarked.

The festivities went beyond food, with smaller games like spikeball and bowling providing entertainment for everyone. These activities allowed students to unwind and form lasting connections with their peers. 

The event also featured custom tote bag painting, adding an artsy touch as students created their own personalized keepsakes. 

Tote bag station where students are able to choose paint colors.

“I really liked everything that they put on today, like the food and the drinks–but I especially love painting the tote bags,” senior Tamanna Dipen Shah expressed. “It was very therapeutic, and I got to spend time with my best friend.”

Perhaps the most admirable aspect of the Ready to Roll event was that everything provided, from the food to the activities, was completely free for the students. The senior council organized the event with the sole purpose of creating a memorable experience for the Class of 2024.

“I think [the event was] pretty fun. It’s a nice thing to do with friends for free, and that’s very rare these days,” said senior Sophia Verdida.

As the successful celebration unfolded, it marked the beginning of the class of 2024’s exciting journey into a new chapter. The lasting memories from Ready to Roll will be cherished by the seniors, serving as nostalgic reminders of one of their last high school experiences. These moments of joy and bonding will continue to motivate and connect them as they progress beyond high school.


Photos courtesy of AHS ASB

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